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Welcome to ageofmmo.COM!

SITE OVERVIEW: is an unofficial fan-site of Tanki Online - a highly appreciated free-to-play browser MMO 3D action game. ageofmmo is meant for providing Tanki players valuable information about tactical specifications and tips on intelligent use of tank guns, hulls and other game goodies.

ageofmmo has Guides section, meant for both novice and skilled tankers (and covering subjects from tank control basics to tanki secrets). In News section you can read and discuss official news and other information from game developers.

In Pics section among other things you may take a look at Tanki Online 2.0 - a long expected sequel of the current game. Here you can find several subsections ranging from early Concept Art to realistic 3D models of tanks and even several Tanki Wallpapers!

All the above site sections are comfortably accessible from the horizontal drop-down menu above (it's red, so I bet you don't miss it!)

GAME OVERVIEW: Tanki Online is free-to-play PvP MMO 3D-action game made on Flash. This means that there’s no need to download a game client to evaluate it – just click the following link to rush into battle right in your browser! In Tanki Online you can join furious battles, buy new tanks and upgrade guns and hulls, use supplies for your own good and make your career as a professional tanker from Private to Marshal!

 small animated gear Tanki News

[30 Oct 2012]
Halloween in Tanki Online
Great event in Tanki Online: Halloween! New night map with ancient castle, cemetery and ghosts.

[27 Jul 2012]
New Tanki are aproaching: huge update of In Development section
New plans from Tanki Online development team: new CTP game mode, new grahics, new game store, etc.

[29 Jun 2012]
Gold Box update
Gold box with 500 crystals is a reality! Be sure you catch it!

[25 Jun 2012]
Football fever update!
Gold boxes with 400 crystals each - be on time to catch!

[22 Jun 2012]
Release 1.91.0 open testing
Tanki Online test server is open again for open testing of Release 1.91.0! Join furious testing now!

[20 Jun 2012]
Football fever
An update about gold boxes with 300 crystals and a new game event called 1000 footballer.

[13 Jun 2012]
Spectator mode video overview
Video review of new spectator mode for Tanki Online.

[04 Jun 2012]
Celebration of Tanki Online birthday
Today it's Tanki Online birthday! Get 25% discount, wear new Holiday paint and collect additional daily bonus!

[23 May 2012]
New Tanki graphics style is underway
Tanki Online facelift: new cool graphics. Map name: Kungur.

[28 Apr 2012]
May holidays Tanki style: 7 great competitions!
New cool competitions with great prizes from Tanki Online administration.

 small animated gear Tanki Guides

[20 Nov 2012]
A guide to Control Points
A comprehensive guide to Control Points [CP] mode in Tanki Online (with optional video guide available for your enjoyment!) General description, rules, tactics and helpful tips & tricks to maximize your performance in everyday battles.

[24 Nov 2011]
A comprehensive guide into Tanki Online 2.0 (including links to Tanki 2.0 demos!)
What is Tanki Online 2.0? And what’s the release date? Where can I play Tanki 2.0 demo? How do I transfer my account to the new game and what tank gun and hull should I buy? I’ll try to answer all these questions in my comprehensive guide into Tanki 2.0.

[09 Nov 2011]
General tips on selecting protective paints in Tanki Online
In Tanki Online there’re dozens protective paints each having unique set of resistances. So which protective paint to buy? In this small article I’ll give you some general tips on how to select a good paint.

[02 Nov 2011]
4 methods to pump your Tanki account: Perfect turret + hull combinations and upgrade sequences
In Tanki Online there’re 9 tank guns and 7 tank hulls. The number of possible combinations is really great. But there should be some combinations of turrets and hulls that are better than the others. And of course there should be a proper sequence of their upgrade to save precious crystals and time.

[01 Nov 2011]
Tanki secrets
Do you know you can swing the turret? Just kidding! In this article I will disclose some Tanki Online secrets that are not apparent at first glance. And mind the turret!

[25 Oct 2011]
How to play Tanki Online? Keyboard layout
When you first start playing Tanki Online it shows you default keyboard layout for controlling your tank. But is it the best possible solution? Or there’re other more convenient ways to control your tank? I'm ready and willing to give you two more keyboard layouts for playing Tanki Online with several advices.

 small animated gear Pyromaniac's Blog

[27 Jul 2012]
Did you ever see the source code of Tanki Online official site main page?
The source code of Tanki Online official site main page is full of surprises.

[04 Jun 2012]
New cool wallpapers to celebrate Tanki 3 years anniversary
New cool wallpapers to celebrate Tanki Online 3 years anniversary.

[16 May 2012]
A friend among strangers, a stranger among friends
Tanki player vs. real world: a friend among strangers, a stranger among friends

[31 Mar 2012]
Epic Battle @ Kungur with Wasp & Railgun
Epic Tanki Online battle at Kungur map with Wasp & Railgun combination. Heva fun watching!

[22 Jan 2012]
Epic Battle @ Fort Knox 2 with Ricochet M3
A video of epic battle at Fort Knox 2 with Ricochet M3 + Viking M3 + Inferno combination and loads of supplies.

[02 Jan 2012]
Snowman gun in Tanki Online
Fancy to see a new Snowman gun in Tanki Online? Now you can take a closer look!

[01 Jan 2012]
Happy New Year 2012 celebration in Tanki Online
A video of New Year 2012 celebration in Tanki Online. Crystals were just falling from the sky!

[05 Dec 2011]
Bought three fancy paints at the discount
Bought three expensive paints at the discount - Jade, Zeus and Inferno. Take a look!

[04 Nov 2011]
Project Smoky + Wasp: buying Smoky M3 at the discount
Smoky + Wasp package againts Sergeants, Warrant Officers and Lieutenants in Tanki Online. Check it out!

[01 Nov 2011]
Test server open (good old Shaft and Picasso paint)
News from Tanki Online test server. New old Shaft gun and Picasso paint worth 100500 crystals!

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