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9:13 PM

Bought three fancy paints at the discount

Bought three protective paints at Tanki Online sale namely Jade, Zeus and Inferno for my multiple account. 25% discount rules! Just in case you missed the sale, start saving for Christmas and New Year. I bet the developers are up to something :)

My Tanki Online garage: Jade, Zeus and Inferno paints
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4 wasp3D   (21 Jun 2012 5:58 AM)
For rail which is better dictator or viking and what rank should i have them at M3?
Answer: Viking is always better. By Lieutenant to Captain I suppose.

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3 Mircea   (01 Jun 2012 8:18 PM)
I like thunder+dictator+inlove but im not sure if is a very good combination and how do you always find your nicknames are so cool
Answer: Dictator is good until someone attacks you with Ricochet or Twins from close distance. It lacks stability, so generally Viking is better choice.

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2 K-shark   (30 Apr 2012 2:34 PM)
What is your favourite turret, hull and paint ?
Answer: I prefer Hornet for its speed. I use it mostly with Freeze and Ricochet in CTF. As for paints I prefer Jade, cos it's the only paint that 100% protects Hornet from enemy Shafts.

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1 Mircea   (23 Dec 2011 8:02 PM)
happy hey i love tanki but i can t play cuz i don't now what to choose
Answer: then buy everything!!! lol

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