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12:45 PM

Epic Battle @ Fort Knox 2 with Ricochet M3

Any battle you join in Tanki Online may turn out to be epic. I've joint the battle to make a couple of screenshots of Ricochet - Viking - Inferno combination and decided to stay till the end of the game. So here it is - an epic battle from start to finish as it looks on M3 combination with the most expensive paint and loads of supplies to spend. I've already showed it to Russian Tanki Online community and got positive feedback, so I hope at least some of you like it.

Epic Tanki Online battle at Forx Knox 2 with Ricochet-Viking-Inferno combination.

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8 K-shark   (13 Jun 2012 8:14 PM)
should I save crystal and upgrade ricochet to M2 or upgrade railgun to M3 ?
Answer: Ricochet M2 has more power and potential.

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7 K-shark   (13 Jun 2012 8:09 PM)
my nickname is K-shark I think it's cool cool

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6 George   (06 Jun 2012 4:50 PM)
What do you prefer between rail,thunder for dictator?
Answer: Thunder obviously has more potential wink But it's much more expensive.

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5 George   (06 Jun 2012 4:49 PM)
i can't everything i am thinking is sucks i have nicknames like i usually copy people's nickname cus their cool and then i change something but stil it sucks

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4 George   (04 Jun 2012 4:13 AM)
Hey I have very big problems finding nicknames do you now where can I get something cool?
Answer: use your imagination wink

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3 Aleksey   (01 Jun 2012 10:06 PM)
What's a good nickname for an experimented player?
Answer: I.M.Experimented lol

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2 K-shark   (18 May 2012 8:00 PM)
Do you play for any team in tanki world cup ?
Answer: unfortunately I don't have time for that sad

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1 Messi8   (02 Feb 2012 10:58 PM)
kurva jak se zacne hrat?

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