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5:28 PM

Epic Battle @ Kungur with Wasp & Railgun

Over two months passed since I've shot my last Epic Battle in Tanki Online (join furious battles for free!). Now with the release of 3D hardware acceleration I'm able to make videos without restrictions: high and stable fps rate, antialiasing and anisotropic filtering - nothing spoils my Tanki gameplay in terms of graphics rendition. And because I'm always searching for challenges, I decided to make a video with Wasp + Railgun + Prodigi paint combination.

Epic Battle at Kungur map on Wasp + Railgun + Prodigi combination

I think this combination is not only makes sense (it's cheap, fast and grants enough protection from long range guns thanks for Prodigi), but it's also great fun to play. And Kungur map is maybe one of the best Tanki Online maps for playing CTF with Wasp + Railgun combination. Long distances, plenty of covers to hide behind and interesting balance between the two teams make battles at Kungur map extremely interesting and dynamic. Even if your team sucks and looses one flag after anoother, there's always a chance that poor players will leave your team and team's line-up will change dramatically, refreshed by better players. So a random battle of Kungur always has an element of surprise.

Though this Epic Battle is as long as the one I'd shot before (i.e. about 45 minutes), hope you enjoy it! :)

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7 almighty01   (07 Sep 2012 11:56 AM)
Yeah! Epic for sure smile

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6 DoomMagnet   (30 Jul 2012 1:55 PM)
thats a hell lotta n20 u got there

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5 wasp3D   (20 Jun 2012 4:07 AM)
I'm doing an trailer of tanks testing tool so what do you suggest me to start or end ?
Answer: I don't know.

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4 jakoba12   (16 Jun 2012 10:39 PM)
cool cool

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3 Thunderico   (06 Jun 2012 4:45 PM)
Can you make a Epic Battle With 1 hornet and freeze or 2 thunder and Viking???

P.S. The videos are awesome!!!

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2 George   (04 Jun 2012 4:16 AM)
Nice so for this kind of battle is hornet better?
Answer: sure! But Wasp is still fun to play.

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1 K-shark   (24 Apr 2012 3:40 PM)
Wow! This battle is so COOL!

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