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7:02 PM

Project Smoky + Wasp: buying Smoky M3 at the discount

I know Smoky is crap, but with those fancy 50% discounts I decided to play on my long-abandoned Tanki account, which I registered to play on Smoky + Wasp package only. The idea was to see for how long I could have played without much discomfort of having obsolete tank gun and hull. I just needed about 2000 experience points to become Staff Sergeant to unlock M3 modifications of my tank.

So I rushed into any old CTF battle to play against Warrant Officers and Lieutenants with my M2 package. The battle was hard, they were drugging, I was drugging back, delivered two flags, saved a good deal of out flags too. The score’s on screen.

Then I decided to switch to Deathmatches and after a couple of battles I leveled up and could afford buying an M3 weapon. Below there’s a video of me playing with Smoky M3 + Wasp M2 package on Boombox 2 map. I was rather skeptical of my new gun in terms of playing Deathmatches, so I chose a short battle versus Sergeants. I even feel remorse of beating them. I should have been shooting Warrant Officers instead.

I’ve to admit that if playing versus unskilled tankers having no tier 1 M3 packages, Smoky M3 rules.

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3 lemn0ng   (26 Sep 2012 5:17 AM)
how did u buy at 50% off surprised
Answer: you should try following the link above and read the corresponding news entry.

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2 K-shark   (12 Jul 2012 3:39 PM)
why don't you have wasp M2 at the moment ?
Answer: it was M2, but I was short of crystals to upgrade it to M3.

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1 K-shark   (22 May 2012 2:03 PM)
Why is this battle has so many twins ?
Answer: Twins is very popular on lower ranks because of its power.

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