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Shaft version 2.1 (and a new video of me playing with Shaft M3 on Fort Knox 2 CTF)

Today the devepopers decided to enhance a bit Shaft version 2, thus making it a 2.1 :) Many people were complaining that Shaft 2 was underpowered, and it was much weaker than the original Shaft, that is now long gone. Agree or not, but the original Shaft was way overpowered and stupid. All you had to do is to stand on one spot and shoot continuously. All other styles of playing just sucked.

Shaft M3 @ Fort Knox 2: full story

Though after the original Shaft was replaced by Shaft version 2, things changed. Now to get good results you had to really PLAY. But many tankers complained that new Shaft was weak and unplayable. Of course that was bullshit. That time I used to play with Shaft M2, and I always occupied positions at the top of the list. Even playing Deathmatches on Highland map till 100 frags I used to be not more than 20 frags from the winner (a high-level tanker playing on tier 2 M3 modifications with expensive protective paints). I just feeled that all I had to do to win was buying an M3. Cos many times I was sooo damn close to winning. And that day finally came.

In fact the story I wanna tell you begins with after I upgraded my Shaft to M3 today's morning. Then I rushed to test my new Shaft in battle to find my gun was significantly improved. Sight wobble almost dissapeared, the turret now rotated significantly faster at 100% charge than before. That was much more than I expected from M2 to M3 upgrage, so I went to Tanki forum. Only then knew that Shaft M3 was greatly improved.

Strangely enough tankers still complained about Shaft. So I decided to record one battle and share this video with Tanki community. I decided to play with my newly bought Shaft M3 (and that was my second time I played with it, so I still feel I'm a noob in playing with Shaft) on some stupid map, not suitable for Shaft at all, say, Fort Knox 2. The game should be CTF. And of course I've got to play with highest rank tankers available (though sadly Fort Knox 2 is not really popular among high-level tankers) and be on top of the list.

I personaly prefer "fair" fights, playing with no supplies. But the game appeared to be a drug war, so it was just as it was. Here're some best moments, that will probably show you Shaft M3 qualities. This was a 30 minutes battle, so the below videos represent about 1/4 of the game.

Here I rush to enemy base to return our flag. That's what Shaft is good at - sneaking to some place from where you can kill a key defender using its full charge, thus ruining enemy defense:

Then I had a duel with Ricochet M3 on Hornet M3. I used arcade mode with no scope. So killing a Ricochet on close distance is possible. It requires skill, luck and a decent position. But it is still possible:

Here I'm trying to force my way on the right flank to the enemy flag. Not really successful by together with my teammate we managed to kill 3 out of 4 enemies. Strangely enough I used nearly 90 percent of the charge on enemy Viking M3 in Python and it somehow survived (maybe I just missed):

This video basically shows me trying to swing Shaft turret at 100% charge to kill enemy Mammoth. So damn slow:

The next video shows my favorite camping position on Fort Knox 2. It is also good when playing with Shaft:

Also good for camping / defending the base in CTF - a place near a breach. Good for you guys with Railgun, Thunder and of course Shaft:

Here's a good video - a duel Shaft vs. Thunder at close range. The enemy uses the same tank hull and protective paint:

Here's another Shaft vs. Thunder video. Together with my teammate we are trying to get rid of enemy Thunder, camping at our balcony. It's CTF, so good teamplay is very important:

And yet another Shaft vs. Thunder video! Here I combine using scope and arcade mode for making enemy Thunder to commit a suicide:

And the last but not least - an episode with me helping to shatter enemy attack at the left flank. I use my tank to block the enemy Thunder and make it sustain massive damage from its own gun. Then I respawn at safe distance and kill it with some help from my teammate:

The final score's on screen:

So how's the new Shaft M3? Awesome, just awesome

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1 K-shark   (14 May 2012 5:54 PM)
So is the shaft M0 great ?
Answer: M3 is awesome, M2 is great, M1 is good, M0 is crappy, but potent smile

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