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Hello fellow tankers! A great new event started today in Tanki Online - The Halloween! To make this holiday even darker and grimmer, the developers made a new map called (surprise!) HALLOWEEN! The greatest thing about this map is that it's the first night map in Tanki Online! Though "night mode" works only if you're playing with full hardware acceleration supported and dynamic shadows option selected in Tanki settings menu (the button with gear icon is in the top right corner). All game modes (Deathmatch, TDM, CTF and CP) are supported.

The event starts from the morning of Tuesday, October 30-th, and ends up the morning of Thursday, November 1-st. So make haste!

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New CP (Control Points) game mode. Tanki Online top clans had already tested the CP mode!

  • Capture Control Points, scattered all over the map
  • Each point you capture brings your team closer to victory
  • Good teamwork is the key to victory
New better graphics in Tanki Online

New better graphics

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Gold Box update

In June 29-th and 30-th each gold box contains 400 crystals, and on July 1-st (only one day) each gold box contains 500 crystals! On July 2-nd it will be denominated to its normal value 100 crystals. Good luck!

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With the start of the quarterfinal games on June 21-st Tanki Online (register!) team increases the value of the gold box to 400 crystals!

Tanki Online Euro 2012 event called 1000 footballer
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Test server is open! You've got a unique opportunity to test Release 1.91.0 alongside testers and developers. There are two major things you can test on the test server:

1. Buy experience!

Many new players were complaining about sluggish development of their tanks. Not many of us like playing on Smoky M0 + Wasp M0 combination. Now you can buy experience till Master Sergeant (it's 20 000 points) and join furious battles from the very beginning. The Experience Badge with 1000 points costs only 100 crystals.

2. Rating doesn't mean a thing!

You get exactly 10 points for a kill regardless of your rating. From now on even if you are a high-ranked player you'll get your points and will be able to compete for the first place in CTF and TDM battles.

Important information

  • /addscore and /addcry codes are not working.
  • The probability of gold box drop is 70 times higher!
  • The test is only till June 25-th.

Tanki Online test server
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Football fever

Tanki Online team continues to celebrate Euro 2012 and from June 21-st it increases the value for gold boxes to 300 crystals. These boxes will drop on the battlefield starting from Thursday from 05:00 (UTC+4). The appearance will not change (they will appear as cubical foot ball). And that's only the first part of the news.

Tanki Online Euro 2012 event called 1000 footballer

Tanki team also announces a great event called 1000 footballer. Take part in an epic battle against the developers on Stadium map, win and get your reward. The battle will take place on June 28-th at 19:00 (UTC+4). To apply for the battle visit this topic on the official forum on June 20-th at 12:00 (UTC+4) and register. The topic will be closed again on reaching 200 applications.

In case of a win each participant will receive 2000 crystals, a t-shirt and a mug.

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Did you hear about new spectator mode for Tanki Online (register)? It was put into service for the sake of effective moderation, but sooner or later it will appear for all Tanki players. So how does it look like? Please note that this is an early implementation of spectator mode, so it may be improved over time.

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Today June 4-th it's Tanki Online (register!) birthday. The developers of Tanki Online have prepared wonderful gifts for you tankers. From 5:00 AM (UTC+4) June 4-th till 5:00 AM (UTC+4) June 4-th there's a 25% discount on all items in Tanki shop. Game maps will be decorated with holiday billboards, and CTF battles - with holiday flags. Tankers that logged into the game will get additional Daily bonus.

Additional daily bonus in Tanki Online
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Hope you know that Tanki Online (register!) developers are preparing a facelift that should give the game a new fresh look. I've already showed you some cool stuff from the test server earlier. Now it's time to see the newer version, which I believe will appear on test server soon enough. So stay tuned!

Tanki Online new graphics
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Tanki Online (register!) introducing the "Best of May!" competitions from 6 AM (UTC +4) April 28-th till 6 AM (UTC +4) May 10-th. The winners will be announced on May 11-th.

Buy Baloons in Tanki Online to win a prize in new Best of May competitions!

There will be 7 categories:

  • May gold catcher. To win this competition you've got to collect the most gold boxes in the game. The prize for this competition is ASUS N45SF laptop!
  • Smart investor. To win this competition you've got to buy the highest amount of crystals. The prize for this competition is ASUS Eee Pad!
  • Lucky Tankmen. This competition is pure random. Tired of getting those Double crystal cards? Be the unlucky one who gets the most and get the prize: a cool keyboard Logitech Gaming G19!
  • Baloon collector. The tanker who will buy the largest amount of Baloons will get HTC One X communicator!

There going to be three more competitions, but Tanki Online administration keep them in secret for now. So keep tuned and don't miss your luck!

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