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50% discount on Smoky M3 and Shaft M3 till Sunday!

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Only from Friday till Sunday Nov. 6-th 13:00 pm (Moscow time) you can buy Smoky M3 and Shaft M3 with 50% discount! Set aside Smoky cos it's rubbish (but still fun to play on low ranks), it's a great opportunity to buy yourself the most expensive and powerful tank gun in the history of Tanki Online - Shaft M3. Pay attention that you'll get a discount only for buying M3 modification, not for Shaft M0-M2! But saving almost 11 thousand crystals is still awesome.

Of course Shaft is not the easiest tank gun to play in Tanki Online, especially when playing CTF games, it's still a great opportunity to get a perfect gun for camping and oneshoting most enemy tanks (though you still have to add just one quick shot for killing a Mammoth from a respawn). So if you feel like camping in Tanki Online I recommend you buying that baby.

Some people were complaining that Shaft M3 is underpowered or even unplayable on many tight maps like e.g. Fort Knox - check out this report on playing Shaft M3 with some fancy Tanki videos.

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