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Last week I've showed you a photo session of BaksBunn - Miss Spring Tanki Online. Now's the time to move to the second place: meet vice-miss Tanki Online lastochka7! I also invite you to visit Miss Tanki Online section of my Picture Gallery.

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Photo session of tanker BaksBunn, the winner of Miss Tanki Online beauty contest in Spring 2011. Check it out in Miss Tanki Online gallery!

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A grave day for every good old Shafter. This wunderwaffe tank gun was replaced with a new version, though developers always assured that they were quite happy with its gameplay. Despite the fact that the original gun was turning Tanki Online into some kind of perverted shooting gallery instead of futuristic arcade.

New Shaft unveiled

To say the truth I'm quite happy with the fact it was replaced, cos good old Shaft was dull. And stupid. And overpowered. The new Shaft has much more potential than the old version, invented in late June 2011. I'm going to keep and eye on its performance on Tanki Online battle servers.

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New stuff from Tanki Online developers' blog. Here're three fancy futuristic objects meant for decoration of Tanki 2.0 maps:

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Another portion of Tanki 2.0 news with screenshots. To make the environment look more realistic it was decided to add a so called "aerial perspective" or more simply - some fog. So all objects in Tanki 2.0 will dissolve into thin air. It is better seen on Crash map:

Fog on Crash

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It is known that the most popular maps for the original Tanki Online will be rebuild in the anticipated Tanki 2.0. For example here is some concept art of good old Kungur.

Sketches of Kungur map for the upcoming Tanki Online 2.0 Sketches of Kungur map for the upcoming Tanki Online 2.0
Sketches of Kungur map for the upcoming Tanki Online 2.0 Sketches of Kungur map for the upcoming Tanki Online 2.0

Kungur @ Tanki 2.0

The developers are planning to make Kungur 2.0 as close to the original map as possible. Though it is going to have a slight change in its design. Instead of the village at the Blue base it will feature shipping container yard.

More Tanki Online 2.0 sketches and concept art see at Concept Art & Sketches of Tanki Picture Gallery.

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Some of you people noticed that there's a new guy with an avatar on the official forum of Tanki Online. Good news, everyone! © From now on Tanki Online has a new native English speaking community manager!

Bruce Lunga and Maxim Khusainov

So who's that Bruce Lunga anyway? He's 28 years old, born in the city of Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. Zative languages – English and Zulu (South African language). Also in 2006 Bruce started learning Russian language. At present Bruce is a 4-th year student of State Medical Academy of Perm 4-м курсе. As a veteran Tanki Online player he sees his mission to pump English speaking community. ... Read more »

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Do you know how many Marshals are working there at Alternativa's office? Strangely enough, but it seems that developers are really DEVELOPING stuff for us, gamers, cos they still have only one. And that's since spring 2009! Now hail and praise the first and the only of 'em all: Ismoil (game nick "i.sh.tj.78"), the security guard. Just use foul language or try cheating, and this guy will take a plane to your place to kick your delicate ass!

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