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Good old Shaft is gone... Meet new Shaft!

A grave day for every good old Shafter. This wunderwaffe tank gun was replaced with a new version, though developers always assured that they were quite happy with its gameplay. Despite the fact that the original gun was turning Tanki Online into some kind of perverted shooting gallery instead of futuristic arcade.

New Shaft unveiled

To say the truth I'm quite happy with the fact it was replaced, cos good old Shaft was dull. And stupid. And overpowered. The new Shaft has much more potential than the old version, invented in late June 2011. I'm going to keep and eye on its performance on Tanki Online battle servers.

I've got to say that I've seen the final version of Shaft v2.0 a day before it was released. I was playing a Deathmatch with Ricochet on Highland and met an official Tanki Online tester Deda, who was playing (or "testing" - as you wish) that particular gun. I managed to win that round, though my breakaway was minimal.

It looks like in good hands the new Shaft is leathal. I'm going to check this out personally, I've already bought myself an M2 modification and I'm going to upgrade it to M3 in a week or so. Check the Blog section of PlayTanki.com for more information about playing new Shaft.

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