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New Tanki are aproaching: huge update of In Development section

New CP (Control Points) game mode. Tanki Online top clans had already tested the CP mode!

  • Capture Control Points, scattered all over the map
  • Each point you capture brings your team closer to victory
  • Good teamwork is the key to victory
New better graphics in Tanki Online

New better graphics

Soon you will taste the new fresh look of Tanki Online! The works are approaching to the end, and the new look will include:

  • Fresh new textures of maps and tanks
  • New gunshot effects
  • Decals for all turrets (gunshot marks)
  • Caterpillar animation
  • Effect of fog

Training system for new players

  • Interactive demonstration of game capabilities
  • Useful information of Rookies
  • A guide to control principles in Tanki Online
  • A guide to using different weapons and interaction with NPC players

All the above will help new players to conduct tank warfare with maximum efficiency

Implementation of Platform 2.0

  • New Tanki Online server engine
  • New user-transparent process that will bring Tanki Online to the new level of usability
  • Platform 2.0 guarantees advanced game servers stability
  • New “Agile” practice of game development ensures Tanki Online will update more frequently

New client-end engine

  • Accelerated game start
  • New simple and convenient interface
  • Possibility to compare turrets characteristics in a game store
  • Trying on goodies before buying
  • Game chat in lobby will be hidden and can be called from within any game section by pressing a button
  • Game store and garage will be separated from each other
  • Garage is now meant for configuring your tank only (with a feature of buying Supplies)
  • Game store is now meant for trying on and buying new game goodies and checking their characteristics
  • Standard and advanced search for battles

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5 saatans   (06 Nov 2012 11:16 PM)
can i get test tanki online invite code? please!!! wink sad cool
Answer: sadly I don't have any invite codes.

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4 HEADHUNTER853   (05 Sep 2012 8:09 PM)
Release date please!!! biggrin

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3 Pyromaniac   (12 Aug 2012 11:38 AM)
In the nearest future smile

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2 K-shark   (06 Aug 2012 10:37 AM)
do you know when is the update ?

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1 Domxxe65   (06 Aug 2012 2:40 AM)
Any idea when will this be released?

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