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10:27 AM

Release 1.91.0 open testing

Test server is open! You've got a unique opportunity to test Release 1.91.0 alongside testers and developers. There are two major things you can test on the test server:

1. Buy experience!

Many new players were complaining about sluggish development of their tanks. Not many of us like playing on Smoky M0 + Wasp M0 combination. Now you can buy experience till Master Sergeant (it's 20 000 points) and join furious battles from the very beginning. The Experience Badge with 1000 points costs only 100 crystals.

2. Rating doesn't mean a thing!

You get exactly 10 points for a kill regardless of your rating. From now on even if you are a high-ranked player you'll get your points and will be able to compete for the first place in CTF and TDM battles.

Important information

  • /addscore and /addcry codes are not working.
  • The probability of gold box drop is 70 times higher!
  • The test is only till June 25-th.

Tanki Online test server

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8 zebie   (25 Sep 2012 8:02 PM)
hey how can i play the test server everything is dutch can someone help me and i think the server is offline sad
Answer: there's no dutch version. Only English, German and Russian.

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7 chris clemmons   (17 Sep 2012 3:22 AM)
will someone give me a marchell account
Answer: surely no lol

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6 raptoraatank   (18 Jul 2012 7:23 AM)
angry angry angry i've been waiting for a long time to play tanki online, but i can't play because i can't go, in the page is blank .reload its the same thing .....is this the servers going off for me or someone banned me from the game....an some1 tell me what is going on?
Answer: I think you should ask the official technical support at help@tankionline.com They will surely help.

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5 Mircea   (04 Jul 2012 8:01 PM)
you,coz your an moderator a tester coz you have an avatar in forum
Answer: so what? I don't know the schedule.

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4 K-shark   (03 Jul 2012 2:50 PM)
congratuation ! You are the best tester ! What did you do to be the best tester ? biggrin
Answer: I'm Chief tester assistant, so I use to become the best tester automatically. Right after the Chief tester himself smile

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3 K-shark   (26 Jun 2012 6:10 PM)
yea I know

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2 Mircea   (26 Jun 2012 5:31 PM)
oh imissed when is gone be open again?
Answer: nobody knows.

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1 Pyromaniac   (22 Jun 2012 9:19 PM)
Unfortunately the test was cancelled due to unforeseen problems.

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