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2:31 PM

Test server news - closed again!

Yesterday the developers opened the test server to openly test new graphics for Tanki Online (play tanki!) and collect feedback from all tanki players. Hope you already know about that modification of a plan about releasing new Tanki Online 2.0.

In short the developers are planning to change the whole look of Tanki Online, without changing the overall feel of the current game, by simply replacing old gloomy textures and angulat tank models. So the game will look and feel lighter and more casual, without that strange wobble towards realism and simulation of what they had in their minds lately. So just in case if you'd missed to moment when Tanki test server was open, here's the video of new stuff.

Testing new graphics for Tanki Online 2.0

First of all, only few maps were facelifted. Second, only Wasp + Smoky combination with only standard Green paint or Tundra were available and no supplies. This is not the final version, but I believe it's quite close to what the game will look like in the coming months. Have fun playing Tanki Online!

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7 m.christiaan   (18 Jul 2012 3:38 PM)
i will in the test server pleas help me wink

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6 tester   (16 Jul 2012 3:30 PM)
The test server is open today.

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5 MeMoryse   (06 Jul 2012 4:48 AM)
Peace and mercy of Allah be upon you.:

I Mavhmt this server with greetings : MeMoryse cool

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4 AllwaysaTester   (01 Jul 2012 11:42 PM)
When does the test server open again?And why do they do "Open Testing"?Because they think that it would be a great break from tanki or Do they accidentally click on "Open Testing Button"?
IDK Please Respond if you know
Answer: open testing = stress testing. Developers just need lot of players for stress testing the game.

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3 K-shark   (28 May 2012 1:05 PM)
How could you got invited into the test sever ? biggrin
Answer: unfortunately that's impossible. But anyone can join test server during open tests.

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2 K-shark   (28 May 2012 1:01 PM)
When do you think tanki online 2.0 will be out ?
Answer: I mark out three phases of making tanki 2.0:

1. New textures and tank models. That should be openly tested in the nearest future (it was scheduled for mid-May, but strangely enough it was never been done) and released early summer.
2. Then the game should be transferred to platform 2.0.
3. Then it should be rebalanced.

Phases 2 and 3 should be completed by late August, before "back to school" season. Otherwise the developers gonna loose money.

We'll see.

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1 wezztank   (16 May 2012 6:46 PM)
how to play 2.0
Answer: the game is not out yet.

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