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Stuck playing Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2? Need help with walking through the game? Enjoy new Sniper 2 walkthrough, consisting of video and helpful tips and tricks for each mission.
Walkthroughs | Просмотров: 3640 | Добавил: Stefan_Lestaru | Дата: 21 Mar 2013

A comprehensive guide to Control Points [CP] mode in Tanki Online (with optional video guide available for your enjoyment!) General description, rules, tactics and helpful tips & tricks to maximize your performance in everyday battles.
Tanki Guides | Просмотров: 7578 | Добавил: Pyromaniac | Дата: 20 Nov 2012 | Комментарии (1)

A hard truth about any free-to-play MMO game is that you have to donate to get the most out of it. And World of Tanks is no exception. I know many of you guys feel unfavorable towards Premium tanks and never train your tank crews in Tank Academy. That’s a grave mistake and in this World of Tanks guide I’ll show you the advantages of being a donator and having some Premium tanks and 100% trained tank crews.
World of Tanks | Просмотров: 2838 | Добавил: Pyromaniac | Дата: 25 Jul 2012 | Комментарии (0)

To donate, or not to donate? That is no question! I personally see no reason playing World of Tanks without buying gold and spending it for Premium services and tanks. Though they don’t give you a decided advantage, but the overall improvement of gameplay quality is quite noticeable. This article starts a series of World of Tanks guides into donation and covers buying Premium Account and Slots in the Depot.
World of Tanks | Просмотров: 3145 | Добавил: Pyromaniac | Дата: 25 Jul 2012 | Комментарии (0)

What is Tanki Online 2.0? And what’s the release date? Where can I play Tanki 2.0 demo? How do I transfer my account to the new game and what tank gun and hull should I buy? I’ll try to answer all these questions in my comprehensive guide into Tanki 2.0.
Tanki Guides | Просмотров: 42137 | Добавил: Pyromaniac | Дата: 24 Nov 2011 | Комментарии (46)

In Tanki Online there’re dozens protective paints each having unique set of resistances. So which protective paint to buy? In this small article I’ll give you some general tips on how to select a good paint.
Tanki Guides | Просмотров: 17494 | Добавил: Pyromaniac | Дата: 09 Nov 2011 | Комментарии (10)

In Tanki Online there’re 9 tank guns and 7 tank hulls. The number of possible combinations is really great. But there should be some combinations of turrets and hulls that are better than the others. And of course there should be a proper sequence of their upgrade to save precious crystals and time.
Tanki Guides | Просмотров: 37238 | Добавил: Pyromaniac | Дата: 02 Nov 2011 | Комментарии (10)

Do you know you can swing the turret? Just kidding! In this article I will disclose some Tanki Online secrets that are not apparent at first glance. And mind the turret!
Tanki Guides | Просмотров: 61526 | Добавил: Pyromaniac | Дата: 01 Nov 2011 | Комментарии (23)

When you first start playing Tanki Online it shows you default keyboard layout for controlling your tank. But is it the best possible solution? Or there’re other more convenient ways to control your tank? I'm ready and willing to give you two more keyboard layouts for playing Tanki Online with several advices.
Tanki Guides | Просмотров: 31042 | Добавил: Pyromaniac | Дата: 25 Oct 2011 | Комментарии (12)