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4 methods to pump your Tanki account: Perfect turret + hull combinations and upgrade sequences

In Tanki Online (play it now!) there’re 9 tank guns and 7 tank hulls. The number of possible combinations is really great. But there should be some combinations of turrets and hulls that are better than the others. And of course there should be a proper sequence of their upgrade to save precious crystals and time.

Here are some good combinations and upgrade sequences depending on different playing styles and objectives you may assign to yourself.

Wanna test every single tier 1 gun available!

That's a great objective! Some tankers believe that buying every single gun in Tanki Online is disadvantageous and even impossible, but that’s nonsense! It’s just not the most effective way to upgrade your account. But still replacing an older weapon with a newer is profitable, cos every subsequent tier 1 turret has more power than the previous one. And the prices for M0 modifications are really low.

Firebird Twins Railgun

Wasp Hunter Titan

Do not upgrade your Smoky gun and buy yourself a Firebird. Then – go for Twins (without upgrading the Firebird), then – Railgun. That’s it. You’ve tried all four tier 1 guns in Tanki Online. Now you should choose which tank gun you like the most and focus on playing and upgrading it. I don’t recommend buying Isida M0 not only because it’s rather expensive, but also because M0-M1 modifications are very inefficient in terms of destroying enemy tanks. So it's a good idea to stop "testing" tier 1 guns after buying Raligun M0.

It’s a good idea to mount Smoky and Firebird on Wasp, then switch to Titan for playing with Twins, and then back to Wasp or Hunter for playing with Railgun.

(+) You will try every single tier 1 gun in Tanki Online.
(-) You’ll have limited experience in playing with each gun. It’s always a better idea to go for one gun and one tank hull to master your skills.

Wanna play with a Railgun and join a clan!

Railgun is not only a legendary Tanki Online weapon, but it is also fun to play. And most importantly – it’s the official tank turret for playing clan wars (together with Dictator hull). So many Tanki players have just one objective – to buy and upgrade Railgun in order to participate in clan wars.

Smoky Railgun

Wasp Hunter Dictator

It’s always a good idea to stick to Smoky + Wasp combination (cos it is cheap and will help you to practice your targeting skill). Upgrade your Smoky gun up to M2 modification, save 100 crystals for buying Railgun M0 at Staff Sergeant rank and spend all the remaining crystals for upgrading your Wasp.

I personally recommend playing Railgun on Wasp. Maybe it’s not as efficient as Hunter (which is also kinda recommended), but it’s definitely the best possible tank hull for training your skills. Though may win more prize crystals if playing on Hunter because of its good armor and best stability, but you’ll become a better Railgun player if practicing on Wasp.

Upgrade your Railgun and Wasp to M3. Then save crystals to buy Dictator M2 (if you want to play in a clan) or Viking (if you don’t). Never buy Dictator M0-M1 modifications, they are rubbish.

Railgun + Dictator combination will be effective until mass appearance of tier 2 M3 modifications of turrets and hulls (that’s approximately till Major rank).

(+) Having a Railgun M3 and Dictator M3 you can join a clan.
(-) Railgun and Dictator are the most expensive tier 1 goodies. And they are not a match for tier 2 guns.

Cheap and cheerful

All the above ways to upgrade your Tanki account were not really efficient. But not this one! The following combination and upgrade sequence really rocks.

Switch to Twins + Hunter (or Titan) combination at first opportunity. Focus on playing Deathmatches, avoid playing team games. Because Twins is so cheap and powerful you'll have a huge advantage on small and medium size maps over your enemies. Try playing long battles. Don’t waste your time on battles less than 30-40 minutes or 100 frags.

Twins Thunder

Hunter Titan Viking Mammoth

You may switch to Viking or Mammoth at first opportunity. Mammoth is better for Deathmatches, but Viking is more versatile solution, good for playing with any Tanki Online weapon.

Twins gun in combination with Viking or Mammoth will be effective approximately till Lieutenant rank. Replacing Twins with Thunder M2 and continuing playing Deathmatches in combination with Mammoth (or Viking) is also cheap and cheerful.

(+) Twins is really cheap and cheerful.
(-) Just in case you think playing with Twins is easy, it is not. Every Tanki Online turret requires skill to play.

The fastest way to upgrade your rank in Tanki Online

Isida is the most profitable turret in Tanki Online, because of its 50% bonus for healing teammates. If choosing Isida you'll be restricted to CTF games, which are always risky (cos you very much depend on your teammates).

Firebird Isida Freeze

Wasp Hornet

Use Firebird + Wasp combination on early stages. The gameplay will be very similar to playing with Isida. Then you’ll have a choice to upgrade your Firebird to M3 or to buy yourself Isida M0. Buying Isida M0 is risky, and a wise decision is to play with Firebird M3 till you can afford Isida M2 + Hornet M0 combination. But nothing venture, nothing have – buy Isida M0!

Now having Isida M0 + Wasp M3 combination on First Sergeant rank join teams that have high-rank players (approximately 5 ranks higher than you – WO4 and higher). Heal your high-rank teammates and get points for healing with 50% bonus. Also remember, that the higher rank your patients have, the more points for healing you get. In fact it depends not on rank, but on rating. But high-rank players usually have higher rating, so it still works.

Remember that Isida M0 needs 20 seconds to recharge, so it’s a good idea to let enemies to destroy your tank and make you respawn. Strange, but true: this way you’ll save time on recharging your weapon and will get a chance to get more points for healing in CTF. And just in case you missed the point – focus on healing. Isida is not for serial killers!

Though Isida is a tier 1 weapon, you can still play with it up to Marshal rank, winning battles and crystals. Though Isida is not suitable for Deathmatches and lets its own team down when playing TDMs. In case you get tired of playing with Isida, you can always buy Freeze. This awesome tier 2 turret will suit your Hornet tank hull perfectly.

(+) Playing with Isida you will upgrade your rank very fast.
(-) There’s always a risk to upgrade your rank and turn out to be low in crystals.

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4 boom   (08 Nov 2012 0:03 AM)
What is is YOUR personal favourite turret and hull in tanki Pyromaniac?
Answer: fire and flame!!!

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3 erwinfighter   (02 Nov 2012 10:11 PM)
Dear other tankmen,

I have viking m2, freeze m2 and phyton.
That's one of the best combinations for my rank (im colonel)
I can switch my weapon in ricochit m2 thats good to

Answer: yeah, why not?

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2 superman   (13 Oct 2012 2:57 PM)
I have 1200 crystals. I'm wo3 with all tank and gun but shaft.should I buy shaft or upgrade another gun wen I lol up? Please help me
Answer: You should get an M3 tank in order to be competitive.

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1 armenia1313   (15 Jul 2012 8:43 AM)
nothing new

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