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Tanki secrets

Do you know you can swing the turret? Just kidding! In this article I will disclose some Tanki Online (play the game!) secrets that are not apparent at first glance. And mind the turret!

Do you know that...

  • Get 100 crystals as a gift!

    ...the first time you donate into Tanki Online you get 100 crystals as a gift?

    So why don’t you make the smallest possible payment and buy like 1 crystal for $0.01 to get your gift virtually for free? Of course 100 crystals is not much on higher ranks, but getting your gift at the very beginning really makes the difference!

  • Upgrade your tank gun first!’s better to upgrade your gun first, and your tank hull later?

    You're using your tank gun to get frags, not you hull, right? Unless you’re a donator it is also recommended to focus on playing and upgrading only one turret, until you get a tier 2 M3 combination of turret and hull, and expensive protective paint.

  • Collect crystal boxes smart!

    ...crystal drop starts every time the fund is multiple of six?

    And you don’t need to stay in places where blue boxes are dropped all the time? Just wait until 1 crystal before the drop, then rush to the drop site and collect your reward for being a smart guy!

  • Gold box!

    ...there’s a gold box with 100 crystals in Tanki Online that is dropped every time the fund is multiple of 700-720 (approximately)?

    On higher ranks the competition for those boxes is really high, but low-rank tankers seldom know about them, so find long battles with high funds (multiple of 700) and try getting the gold box.

    So how do you know where the gold box is dropped? It is dropped in predefined areas, typically not far from the center. If you don’t know an exact location, try watching other players. Most probably you'll notice one or two players are standing and protecting the central area of the map from other players. That is a possible location of gold box drop site.

  • Get more points defending your flag in CTF! can get double points in defense?

    For this try killing enemy attackers after they take your flag in CTF. It's risky, but this way you get double points for a kill. The perfect tank gun for killing enemy capers for double points is Freeze. Just freeze the attacking tank when it approaches the flag (in order to reduce its speed), let it take your flag and destroy it. Of course playing with other tank guns is much more risky, but it is still too profitable to refuse.

  • Jump from heights using recoil or walls! can use recoil to safely jump from great heights?

    Just press fire button when both caterpillars of your tank become airborne. Of course that works only if your tank gun has recoil. But what should you do if playing with Firebird, Isida or Freeze? Flip over and press "Del" to self-destruct? There’s a better way!

    Just find a place with some walls and make a thing:

  • Change your weapon and tank hull without leaving a battle! can change your weapons without actually leaving a battle and loosing your points and frags?

    Sometimes you need to change your weapon to win. Of course if you hit the Garage button you’ll loose your points and frags and will be forced to start over. But there’s another way!

    Open a new browser tab and go to Tanki Online website. Then select a different game server and log into it. Go to Garage and Equip whatever you like. Close this page. Then switch to the previous tab with the battle you’re in. The game will tell you the connection is closed. Hit Refresh button in your web browser to reload the page. You’ll reemerge in the battle you’d been playing with all your points and frags intact.

    Just remember that you have only 2 minutes for changing weapons. Otherwise you’ll be banished from the game due to inactivity! Just be careful, especially if you’ve got slow Internet connection.

  • Dictator has no advantage because of shifted turret!

    Dictator, Hornet and Viking have identical rear overhangs?

    And short rear overhang of Dictator is just an optical illusion? So after all Dictator has no advantage over Viking? Thanks to comrade Sinclerik you can verify that:

  • Having multiple accounts you can get a Daily bonus at each of them!

    ...having multiple accounts in Tanki Online is permitted?

    And you can get a Daily bonus on each of them? Having two or even more accounts in Tanki Online is great especially if you’re not going to donate into the game (which I think is a grave mistake!) You can try different weapon + hull combinations, focusing on upgrading only one such combination per account. Together with free stuff you get with your Daily bonus that will give you a visible advantage over other Tanki players.

  • Use game chat commands to block foul language foul language!

    ...there’s no need to read all that foul language in game chat?

    Just input the following chat commands during battle:

    /block name – blocks acquisition of messages from the NAME player
    /unblock name - unblocks acquisition of messages from the NAME player

    To view a list of blocked players or to unblock them all input the following chat commands in the lobby (not working in battle):

    /blocklist - shows the list of blocked
    /unblockall - clears the list of blocked players

    You can also deactivate game chat by pressing the corresponding Setup button (in top right corner, the one with gear symbol) and clearing the checkbox "Show battle chat". In this case to check game chat, just press Enter key.

  • Secretly use supplies for your own advantage!

    ...picking up boxes with supplies from the ground you will have an advantage for only 40 seconds?

    But you can secretly activate similar supply from your backpack after 30-35 seconds (before the one you’d picked up from the ground didn't start blinking), hence prolonging it for another 1 minute? This way you'll have almost 1.5 minute advantage over you rivals, and none will really notice you’re drugging!

  • Kill Isidas first, patients later!

    ...if you’re fighting an opponent that is backed by Isida, kill Isida first!

    No secrets – otherwise Isida player will continuously heal your enemy.

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    6 cube3e   (08 Nov 2012 8:45 PM)
    Now gold boxs are more random; i got one on Iran only battle fund 4 or 5!

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    5 bring-it   (31 Aug 2012 11:21 AM)
    thats coool cool and that was useful for me biggrin biggrin biggrin ))))))))))))

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    4 AnuBoi   (03 Jun 2012 12:02 PM)
    These are really great hints! Although, since this was written a while ago, they need to be updated (esp. the crystal box drops since the gold and even the regular drops are completely random!)
    Answer: I'll surely update it soon smile

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    3 don   (19 May 2012 10:04 PM)
    how do you know when the gold box will come and where will it land

    i saw a person on ytube getting 100 gold boxes

    its like he knows where the gold boxes are is there a hack and if there is wold tanki people would bann mee wacko %) wacko %) wacko %) wacko %)
    Answer: my bad, the information about gold boxes is a bit outdated, I will fix it soon.

    Now there are one or more drop zones for gold boxes on each map, and there's a 1:700 possibility for a gold box to drop every time the battle fond raises by 1 crystal. Now to get a gold box you've got to be luky.

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    2 K-shark   (10 May 2012 3:42 PM)
    when I play in fort knox , the gold box drop when the battle fund is just 50 , can you tell me why is that happen ?
    Answer: now the chance of the drop is 1:700 every time a crystal is added to the battle fund. Which means that the gold box may drop any time with a probability of 1:700.

    *the probability of one gold box drop in 1 to 700 crystals interval is about 37%.
    *the probability of no gold box drop in 1 to 700 crystals interval is also about 37%.
    *the probability of two and more gold box drop in 1 to 700 crystals interval is about 26%.

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    1 K-shark   (29 Apr 2012 8:59 AM)
    Thnks they are really useful

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