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A guide to donation into World of Tanks: Part 1 | Buying Premium Account and Slots in the Depot for Gold

To donate, or not to donate? That is no question! I personally see no reason playing World of Tanks without buying gold and spending it for Premium services and tanks. Though they don’t give you a decided advantage, but the overall improvement of gameplay quality is quite noticeable. This article starts a series of World of Tanks guides into donation and covers buying Premium Account and Slots in the Depot.

Buying Premium Account in World of Tanks

Most tankers start donating into World of Tanks by buying a Premium Account. By subscribing for the Premium Account you’ll get a 50% boost for getting Experience and Credits (a so-called “Silver”) in each battle. So if you want to level up, pump your tank crew and research new tanks faster, that’s what you’ve got to buy first.

Buying 30 days Premium Account is wise decision

Premium Account

The other advantage you get subscribing to Premium Account is that you'll get more Credits for the battle. This will not only help you buying new tanks and outfitting them with Equipment and Consumables, but it will also make your battles on higher level tanks more profitable. Say, without Premium Account the most profitable tanks will be Tier V-VII. With Premium Account you'll be able to play with higher level tanks with positive balance.

But if you're playing World of Tanks casually there’s absolutely no reason to buy Premium Account. Saving gold for other Premium services and tanks may be a wiser decision.

Buying Slots in the Depot

Buying new Slots is another reason to donate into World of Tanks, coz pretty soon you’ll run out of free Slots in your Depot. From my point of view you’ve got to play about 100-200 battles on a tank with 100% crew to see its true value. So selling the tank after just a few score of battles isn’t a wise decision.

World of Tanks: Buying a new slot in Depot

Buying a new slot in World of Tanks

The other reason to keep lower level tanks in the Depot is because they have Elite status (you can additionally Accelerate Crew Training by checking the corresponding box), and you’ve probably got used to them. All in one it gives you a chance to having a better Service Record like better Victories vs. Defeats ratio. Playing on Elite tanks with better crews generally gives more fun than playing on higher level stock tanks for the sake of researching new better Modules. Remember, that Elite Soviet Tier I MS-1 light tank with 100% crew and a set of properly selected Equipment is a killer machine. Want to collect more Top Gun achievements? Tier I tanks are especially good at it. Selling these tanks only because you don’t have any free Slots in your Depot may be a grave mistake. This babes really make my day.

MS-1: Ready for battle

MS-1: fully outfitted and combat-ready

BTW World of Tanks administration often make sales that include 50% discount on buying free Slots in the Depot. Buying a good deal of free slots during such sales is a good investment.

To be continued...

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