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A guide to donation into World of Tanks: Part 2 | Buying Premium tanks and training Crews for Gold

A hard truth about any free-to-play MMO game is that you have to donate to get the most out of it. And World of Tanks is no exception. I know many of you guys feel unfavorable towards Premium tanks and never train your tank crews in Tank Academy. That’s a grave mistake and in this World of Tanks guide I’ll show you the advantages of being a donator and having some Premium tanks and 100% trained tank crews.

Buying Premium tanks in World of Tanks

Premium tanks give their owners a set of advantages that you’ve got to know to make the best use of them. Some tankers believe that Premium tanks have better military characteristics than their common counterparts. Obviously that’s not true. The truth is that Premium tanks are slightly better than the corresponding stock tanks, and a bit weaker that the corresponding top tanks. At least that’s how World of Tanks administration wants them to be. So don’t expect you’ll become a punisher right after you jump into your new Premium tank.

Medium Tank M4A2E4: combat-ready

Such tanks have other qualities that make them rock:

  • By buying a Premium tank in World of Tanks you get a tank that has no “stock” or “top” condition. You don’t have to research any Modules by driving an underpowered stock tank, which makes gameplay quality slightly better. Premium tanks are comfortable!
  • Premium tanks are much more profitable than their common counterparts, and repair costs are often noticeably lower. Many tankers use to buy such tanks to efficiently farm credits in World of Tanks. And you need lot of credits to outfit your favorite tanks with good Equipment and Consumables.
  • Third, many Premium tanks are balanced in such a way that they play closer to the top of the list (and some Premium tanks never see enemies that are more than 1 level higher than them). Playing closer to the top of the list makes playing more fun. Sadly enough USA Tier VIII T34 Heavy Tank is balanced as a common Tier VIII Heavy Tank with no such advantage.
  • And last but not least you can use any existing crew with your Premium tank provided they're trained for the same class tank (e.g. crews trained for any heavy tank can be used with your Premium heavy tank without penalty).

Wise-training 100% crews in World of Tanks

In World of Tanks you’ll be able to get the most out of your tank only by playing with 100% crew. From my opinion starting from Tier V tanks having a 100% trained crew is mandatory. I know that's expensive, but than't how all free-to-play online games work. To get the most out of the game you've got to pay.

Here’re some tips on how to manage your tank crews:

Never buy a crew for your Premium tanks. Use the existing crew from any other tank (e.g. use crew from M4A3EB on M4A2E4). It’s a good opportunity to save money on training a new crew for your premium tank and a perfect way to get more experience.

Comparison of Medium Tanks M4A2E4 and M46 Patton

Every time you transfer your crew and retrain it for Silver it will loose some of its efficiency. If your crew is not 100% ready the perks cease working until your crew is 100% efficient. But if you’ve started learning a new perk (e.g. the second one) and you didn’t choose it (so it appears as a yellow box with “+” sign), you can spend this experience when transferring. Of course you will loose some of the points you’ve already learnt but your crew will be 100% ready and its perks will be active. If you’re not feeling like you want to spend gold for retraining your crew for another tank just save some points on perks and then use them for retraining your crew instead.

To be continued...

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