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Indestructotank (Indestructible tank) - Arcade - Free Tank Games - Tankipedia

Indestructotank (which obviously stands for Indestructible tank) is a free flash left-to-right scroller arcade, where you're playing for (surprise!) indestructible tank, repulsing waves of enemy helicopters and planes. As opposed to Tanki Online (play it right now!) in Indestructotank you can't shoot back at your enemies. But because you're indestructible, you can let your enemies bombard you and use the explosion wave to launch your tank into the air in order to ram your enemies. The more enemies you destroy with your tank while airborne, the more points you score.

Your indestructible tank also has a "fuel" bar. Fuel slowly depletes while driving. To refuel your tank you should score points by destroying enemies. The game also has a strange upgrade system, where you can distribute the points you score while playing.

Is Indestructotank as silly as it looks? Sure it is, it's one of the most foolish free flash games I've ever played. Just check it out!

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