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Bubble Tanks is a free flash game which has nothing to do with "battle tanks" like the ones in Tanki Online (play Tanki Online right now!). But Bubble Tanks is still great - nice music and addictive gameplay will suit the most exacting gamer. And look at those lovely bubbles!

The idea of Bubble Tanks is in shooting aggregated bubbles to separate them from one another and adding them to your bubble. The more bubbles you add, the more defense you get. After you've done with all those bubbles in your first tank you may leave it and travel to adjacent tank.

Be careful with hostile bubbles that have weapons. They will definitely shoot your bubble on sight, thus bursting the bubbles you've added to yourself and lowering your defense. Shoot them back, separate their bubbles from one another and add them to your bubble. Remember that the farther you're from the tank you'd started the game, the more powerful hostile bubbles you encounter. There are even boss bubbles in Bubble Tanks that have several turrets to shoot at you, so be prepared for the fight. The reward would be kingly - you'll get... even more bubbles!

Bubble Tanks synopsis

Bubble Tanks is great if you've got to kill 15 minutes or so. The game is just pure fun: simple, attractive with good music.

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1 kristaps   (26 Oct 2012 9:15 PM)
tnki onlaine is it a best game and me and frend

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