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Hover Tank is a free first person 3D shooter that runs right in your browser window. Use arrow keys (or WASD keys) to move your tank, mouse to aim and LMB to shoot enemy hover tanks and wheel or 1-2-3 keys to switch between Guns, Turrets and Missiles. There are two game modes available in Hover Tanks: Deathmatch and Missions. In contrast to Tanki Online (play Tanki Online right now!), which is massively multiplayer 3D shooter where you play battles against real players, in Hover Tanks you're playing against computer controlled tanks, which is half as much fun to play. But still if you like playing simple and free flash games in your browser window you may check it.

In Hover Tanks you can choose from Survival mode (where you've got to fight your way through infinite waves of computer controlled enemy tanks) and traditional Deathmatch with respawns against tank bots. Of course there is a High-Scores table in Hover Tanks to compare yourself with other virtual tankers.

When playing Hover Tanks shoot enemy tanks from any weapon available (by selecting it with 1-2-3 keys or by cycling through weapons with your mouse wheel) and pick up bonuses they leave after they've been destroyed. There are 9 types of bonuses in Hover Tanks including ammo, health, shields, speed and armor boost, invisibility and weapon upgrades.

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