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Do you like good old Hover Tanks? Then why don't you play Hover Tanks 2, a sequel of the original free flash game. Hover Tanks 2 is a first person 3D shooter that runs right in your browser window. Use your LEFT and RIGHT arrow keys (or WASD keys) to move the hover tank, mouse to aim, left mouse button to shoot at your opponents, mouse wheel to change weapons, 1-2-3 keys to select Guns, Turrets and Missiles respectively and P to pause your game.

Hover Tanks 2 has three game modes (DM, IT and Missions). When playing the game always keep and eye on the tanks you destroy and be ready to pickup bonuses some of them leave before your opponents do. By picking up bonuses you may not only repair your tank and renew your shields, but also get guns, turrets and missiles upgrades. So watch out!

Hover Tanks 2 synopsis

As opposed to Tanki Online (Play Tanki right now!), which is MMO PvP action game, in Hover Tanks 2 you'll be playing against computer controlled opponents. No wonder - this is just an ordinary free flash game, not any king of massively multiplayer online PvP game. But still if you like to play simple and free tank games right in your browser window you may find Hover Tanks 2 interesting.

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