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Tiers Game Basics Tanki Online

  • Tiers

    There are two tiers of tank guns and hulls in Tanki Online. Check this small article in case you don't understand the concept of tiers.

  • Drug wars Game Basics Tanki Online

  • Drug wars

    Drug wars is an integral part of Tanki Online battles. How to avoid being robbed by druggers? Here're some tips.

  • Ranks Game Basics Tanki Online

  • Ranks

    This is basically a rank table of Tanki Online. Want to know best tactics to become a Marshal? Check it out!

  • Green Paints Tanki Online

  • Green

    This section about protective paints in still under development.

  • Capture the Flag (CTF) Game Basics Tanki Online

  • Capture the Flag (CTF)

    CTF (short for Capture the Flag) is the most popular PvP multiplayer mode in Tanki Online.

  • Team Deathmatch (TDM) Game Basics Tanki Online

  • Team Deathmatch (TDM)

    TDM (short for Team Deathmatch) is another version of Deathmatch mode for plaving team vs. team.

  • Deathmatch (DM) Game Basics Tanki Online

  • Deathmatch (DM)

    Deathmatch in Tanki Online is the most simple game mode in terms of rules and tactics. It is also the safest way to get prize crystals!

  • Fist Aid Supplies Tanki Online

  • Fist Aid

    First Aid kit is a must for every tanker in Tanki Online. Timely use of the Firt Air kit helps winning battles.

  • Double Power Supplies Tanki Online

  • Double Power

    Double Power (it is often called Double Damage) is especially good for Deathmatches and for secretly drugging with long range guns in Tanki Online.

  • Daily bonus Game Basics Tanki Online

  • Daily bonus

    Log into Tanki Online every day to collect free Daily Bonus! Get supplies, crystals and other cool stuff for free! The higher your rank is, the more you get!

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