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Ranks system of Tanki Online is pretty simple. The higher your rank is, the better upgrades and protective paints you can buy. If you've got enough crystals, of course. So if you don't have enough crystals you shouldn't be in a hurry until you get a tier 2 turret + hull M3 package with a descent protective paint.

Though it is permissible to buy any modification of gun, hull or paint on Leutenant, it's hardly possible without donations. So again, the slower you level up, the better.

Of course every tanker wants to become a Marshal. Aside from having fun from the game itself, the main goal of playing Tanki Online is acquiring the highest rank. So after getting an M3 package with an expensive paint I advise you to buy a Score multiplier pass. Since you’ve got all the above I also advise you to consider buying supplies on a regular basis. First of all you'll get more fun from winning in drug wars, than from loosing to drug lords. Second, with Double Power you'll be able to kill more enemies, hence you'll be able to acquire more points to level up.

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4 dude   (20 Aug 2012 0:05 AM)
you saw messi! my uncle did and shook his hand surprised happy cool

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3 NONAME   (06 Aug 2012 9:13 PM)
i have 2 qustion
1- why when i type /addscore 1000 he tell me cheat failed but my friends can do that
2-haw can i get many cry without battle because i am week i am verry week and i realy need cry
Answer: 1. This code works on test server only.
2. Then you should donate and buy crystals for real money wink Or practice you skills in battles.

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2 halo   (02 Jun 2012 6:06 PM)
in tanki im 4 boxes and i got all the hulls except dictator and i got all the turrents witch hull shall i upgrade

mamoth mo viking mo hornet mo etc please send me email nd crystals
Answer: upgrade any tier 2 hull at your choice.

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1 isein   (10 Apr 2012 2:03 PM)

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