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There're two tiers of guns and hulls in Tanki Online. Tier 2 represents the most expensive and powerful line of tank components, while tier 1 represents outdated components, most of them used by low rank players at the start of their career in Tanki Online.

Tier 1: Clone wars

Tanki Online started back in 2009 and at first there was only one tier of guns and hulls. Every previous tank gun had less power than its successor: Smoky had less firepower than Firebird, which had less firepower than Twins which had less firepower than Railgun. The latter was the strongest tank gun, so all successful tankers were playing with Railguns.

Similar situation was with tank hulls. Though Wasp, Hunter and Titan were perfectly balanced, there was one hull to rule them all - Dictator. This means that back in 2009 all successful tankers were not only playing with one gun (Railgun), but they were also using one tank hull - Dictator. So all tankers looked like they just emerged from cloning vats.

Tier 2: Balance of powers

Things changed when the developers decided to invent the second tier. In terms of balance tier 2 had to be very different from tier 1. Unlike tier 1 weapons, all tank guns in tier 2 line had to be of equal power (so questions like "which tank gun has more firepower" are meaningless - they are equal).

In Tanki Online tier 2 guns are continuations of tier 1 weapons. Thus Thunder is an advanced version of Smoky, Freeze is an advanced version of Firebird, and so on. The major difference between tier 1 and 2 guns (to put aside higher prices and firepower) is that every tier 2 gun has a special ability. E.g. Ricochet fires plasma that bounces off walls and structures, and Shaft has a sniper sight and accumulates the charge.

Caught in the middle

Now you know that unlike tier 1 weapons all tier 2 guns and hulls are considered being equal in terms of powers and special abilities. But there's one tank gun I "forgot" to mention. Obviously that's Isida. It is not really a tier 1 or tier 2 gun (though I advise you to consider it's a tier 1 gun). It was designed as a support gun from the very beginning. So just in case you wonder why Isida is so overpowered on low ranks or why is it so weak on high ranks - just remember it's a tier 1 gun in terms of firepower and a support gun for playing CTF vs. tier 2 tanks.

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