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No-supplies battle pass (Tanki Online - Supplies)

No-supplies battle pass - Supplies - Tanki Online - Tankipedia
Enables you to take part in no-supplies battles

In Tanki Online No-supplies battle pass is meant for joining no-supplies battles (otherwise to join a no-supplies battle costs 50 crystals). This pass is mandatory for all active clan members cos all clan wars are conducted with no supplies (aka "drugs"). Unfortunately no-supplies battles are not popular among common tankers. Mostly because everyone wants to have an advantage by secretly using supplies.

A one month pass costs a lump sum of 500 crystals. In case you don’t have it, you may get a one day pass with your Daily bonus instead of useful supplies.

  • You don't need a No-supplies battle pass to create or join your own no-supplies battle.

    Is there any reason to buy a No-supplies battle pass? If you are a high level tanker and every time you log into Tanki Online you see a bunch of tasty no-supplies battles, and you want to improve your skill by joining experienced players, then of course there is a reason to buy a No-supplies battle pass. If you're a newbie, you don't have a tier 2 M3 package complete with an expensive protective paint, than probably not.

    Most of no-supplies battles are played by tankers from Russian top clans on tier 2 M3 modifications, so joining such battles may be painful for your self-confidence. What's the point in getting killed over and over again for 500 crystals?

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