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Dictator - Hulls - Tanki Online - Tankipedia
Tanki Online: Because of improved active defense system and usage of newest composite materials, this hull effectively absorbs and energy of an impact of almost any caliber gun. Having this one installed, you can lead any battle as a main force. Just don't forget to have enough energy onboard.

Dictator occupies the place in between of tiers 1 and 2 hulls, which makes it the best tier 1 or the worst tier 2 hull of Tanki Online, depending on your point of view. All in all a high-end Dictator surpasses Wasp (and even its rival tier 2 hull Viking!) in its speed and equals Titan in its armor.

  • Quickly upgrading Dictator to M3 you'll get a huge advantage! And loose a lump sum of crystals.

    When comparing Dictator to tier 1 hulls it becomes apparent that low-end modifications of Dictator are well underpowered, while high-end modifications are pretty expensive. Medium tank Dictator is almost 5 times more expensive than medium tank Hunter. Though when comparing Dictator to tier 2 hulls (especially vs. Viking) ist drawbacks are not so evident. So what's wrong with Dictator and why is it almost 3.5 times less expensive than Viking?

    Though its tech specifications are awesome and it looks like Dictator M3 has just 30 h.p. less armor than Viking M3, its less obvious drawbacks are:

  • oversized dimentions (Dictator is much bigger and taller tank, which makes it an easy target);
  • low stability under fire (especially when playing vs. Ricochet and Twins guns);
  • offset to the back turret and hence long "hood".

    All the above results in overall poor handling, which means that sooner or later you'll end up in buying yourself a new tier 2 hull to play. So if you want to buy a decent tier 2 hull, why spending crystalls on Dictator?

    Agility:  100110130160

    Best matching turrets

    Because Dictator lacks stability, the obvious choice is to use it with long range weapons and the ones that does not require aiming skill.

    Rail is maybe the best gun for using with Dictator. Of course it's a dead end, but buying and upgrading this low cost gun and hull you'll be able to buy expensive protective paint, or spend all your gain on consumables. Because Rail is meant for sniping, poor stability of Dictator is not really a problem. Just avoid close contact with enemy tanks.

    Though Thunder is a middle range gun, it's still good when using with Dictator hull. High speed and medium armor of Dictator combining with this awesome tier 2 gun makes it a very compatible combination. Just avoid close contact with enemy tanksm which is going to be much more difficult when playing with Thunder, than with Rail.

    Firebird and Freeze require no aiming skill, so Dictator's poor stability under fire is not a major problem. Which makes these combinations quite tolerable.

    Using Dictator with Twins or Ricochet is not advisible since its poor stability (and these weapons assume close combat and skirmishing). Using Dictator with Shaft is not advisible eather, cos this way revenging enemies will knock down your aim hence leaving you without a frag.

    Dictator: PROs and CONs

    (+) PROs

  • Very cheap compared to tier 2 tank hulls.
  • Second fastest hull in Tanki Online.
  • With such a price you'll be able to upgrade it to M3 pretty soon and have an advantage.

    (-) CONs

  • Too expensive compared to tier 1 tank hulls.
  • Very unstable under fire. Not sutiable for close combat fighting and skirmishing with high precision weapons.
  • Too big with offset to the back turret.
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    13 mick   (26 Oct 2012 1:13 AM)
    im currently using dict. and railgun m3 for quite a while now. i have enough crystals to buy 1 turret to us with my dictator or 1 hull to use with my rail. im WO2 nearly WO3. which hull or turret should i buy
    Answer: Isida and Shaft rule this game.

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    12 R0M3   (25 Oct 2012 2:13 PM)
    frizm3 xornetm3

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    11 noobinator   (19 Oct 2012 4:11 AM)
    why does this thing says that the dicta is sh*t? you can just sit behind a building, and if ur turret is on the rear, you can drive backswards, foward and reverse speed are the same
    Answer: just because.

    0   Spam
    10 tanki23   (18 Aug 2012 3:54 AM)
    I'm wo3 and I use dict M3 with twinsM3 should I get thunder,freeze or rico?
    Answer: Freeze and Thunder are better choice for Dictator M3.

    0   Spam
    9 mashal   (16 Jul 2012 12:15 PM)
    my fried is wo2 should he get dictator m3 or viking m1
    Answer: I personally vote for Viking.

    0   Spam
    8 jake   (09 Jul 2012 7:55 PM)
    What is the best gun for dictator?
    Answer: Railgun, Isida, Thunder, Freeze, Shaft.

    0   Spam
    7 Hunter-killer001   (23 Jun 2012 9:45 AM)
    You seem to imply that the dictator is useless, in that case, should I simply stick with my hunter and titan, keep using twin and rail, till I get to the hornet?
    Answer: affirmative.

    0   Spam
    6 Thunderico   (20 Jun 2012 4:25 AM)
    Ok I have m3 isida and m1viking m1 thunder but I like to atack shoul I get ricochet m1 or thunder m2?
    Answer: get Ricochet to use with Viking or get Hornet to attack with Isida.

    0   Spam
    5 Thunderico   (17 Jun 2012 10:52 PM)
    Cool bcz I have m3 isida and I'm going to get m2 shaft when I rank up what hull works best with both weapons?
    Answer: Isida is better with Hornet, Shaft - with Viking. But I thing Viking will do.

    0   Spam
    4 Just_Dreamin   (17 Jun 2012 12:51 PM)
    I have a dictator, titan, hunter, which one should I upgrade, because dictator is not helping me much to get to second sergent but hunter m2 is?
    Answer: I think Hunter is the most balanced tier 1 tank hull in terms of characteristics and price. Later on you may switch to Hornet, Viking or Mammoth.

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