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Tanki Online: This compact hull uses the latest generation of composite materials, which makes it light, quick and grants high surviveability even after a direct hit.

Hornet is the first tier 2 hull that is available in Tanki Online. It is meant for creating light special purpose tanks mostly for capturing enemy flags in CTF mode. Though it lacks protection (especially when playing Deathmatches), its small dimensions and high speed permits hiding behind buildings and structures, which makes Hornet a hard target. It is also the cheapest tier 2 tank hull available.

  • Hornet's high speed and small dimensions are its best armor.

    All the above makes Hornet a perfect tank for CTF. Covertly advance to the enemy base, capture the flag and use all your speed to leave the base. No other tank in Tanki Online can match Hornet in this aspect.

    Agility:  140150170200

    Best matching turrets

    Hornet is the best hull for playing with Isida. This way you'll be able to catch up your teammates, thus effectively earning point for healing.

    Hornet is great for playing with Freeze. This way you can destroy several tanks guarding enemy flag using mass damage of your turret and quickly leave the enemy base.

    Hornet: PROs and CONs

    (+) PROs

  • Best tank for capturing enemy flags in CTF.
  • High speed in straight hands makes it almost invincible.

    (-) CONs

  • Lacks protection, especially in DMs.
  • Very unstable, especially when under Nitro. Easy to flip over.
  • You'll not going to have much advantage when using Double Armor or buying protective Paints.
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    Total comments: 10
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    10 proboy88   (03 Nov 2012 4:20 PM)
    shall i save up for hornet m0 or get isida m1 i need to save up though what shall i do
    Answer: buy turret first, hull later.

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    9 Cool guy   (23 Oct 2012 11:10 PM)
    I have a question. Today i entered the test server and i was wondering about the strange stats on the hulls and weapons. Then i realized it was the rebalanced stats. Hornet was the fastest hull but had the least amount of lives.
    Something like 135 wile mammoth had something like 350.
    I dunno anymore. Is buying hornet on the rebalance a good idea or is it too bad now?
    However, wasp has now more lives than hornet but less speed. Will wasp be more expensive or hornet?
    But back to my question.
    I like hornets new speed wich is about 11. But it has so much live difference! Is it worth buying it?
    Answer: it's hard to say not, cos different tank hulls will have differen acceleration speed, and there're going to be new hulls with special abilities. So it's really hard to choose now.

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    8 jhon_99   (21 Oct 2012 9:19 PM)
    Please give me hornet m3 Isida m3, scale m3 and m3 Mills .If you can
    Answer: sure... I can't smile

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    7 wasp31   (29 Sep 2012 6:07 AM)
    What is the best turret for hornet between railgunM3,thunderM2,freeze
    Answer: Freeze M3 lol

    0   Spam
    6 Jake   (04 Jul 2012 8:21 PM)
    what is better for hornet rail or thunder for ranking up to marshal?
    Answer: Railgun is well underpowered on high ranks, Thunder with Hornet is lousy combination. Hornet is better with Isida and Freeze, on some maps - Ricochet and Railgun just for fun and clan wars.

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    5 Wanna be Marshal   (02 Jul 2012 5:22 AM)
    are there any long range weapons that'll work with hornet?
    Answer: Railgun and Shaft are pretty good with Hornet. Though I vote for Isida and Freeze.

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    4 wasp3D   (25 Jun 2012 9:08 PM)
    why is hornet so hard to turn in T.T.T?
    Answer: I don't know, I don't use TTT.

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    3 wasp3D   (20 Jun 2012 4:15 AM)
    I had tried hornet m3 in T.T.T is so Fast it clipa very easy is viking or dictator a better chooise
    Answer: most players like Viking the most. But I personally prefer using Hornet.

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    2 noob   (30 Apr 2012 4:17 PM)
    hmmm is the m2 better than dictatour m3?
    Answer: for secretly capturing enemy flags - sure thing. In my opinion all M2 modifications of tier 2 tank hulls are better than Dictator M3. I see no point in buying this outdated tank hull, though the price is attractive. Dictator is just a waste of crystals.

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    1 tkoutn   (11 Feb 2012 5:53 PM)
    hey what about flamethrower ? biggrin
    Answer: on lower ranks flamethrower aka firebird rules! smile

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