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Tanki Online: This is not a tank - this is a fortress on the track layer. Flagship among other tanks. Heavy strengther with super-concrete this tank is slow, but it is able to fight several enemies. Other tank hulls look fragile comparing to Mammoth.

Mammoth is the most heavily armored and expensive tank hull in Tanki Online. It is really a fearsome mobile fortress on the battlefield. Though many believe that Mammoth is a slow moving tank, M3 modification is almost as fast as Hunter, not long ago accounted as a tank with moderate speed. Just don't rush for the flag on large maps and you'll be OK.

  • Mammoth is the most heavily armored tank hull in Tanki Online.

    Because of its comparatively low speed Mammoth is used mostly in Deathmatches, and as a defend or support tank in CTF, especially during drug wars. First Aid kits, Double Armor and Protective Paints give Mammoth maximum bonus on the battlefield. Mammoth is also a psychological weapon: why bothering killing Mammoth if there are always plenty of Hornets and Dictators on the battlefield?

    Agility:  808390100

    Best matching turrets

    Twins is the greatest tier 1 turret for Mammoth. This way you'll get all advantages of using Twins, mounted on this heavily armored hull. Perfect for Deathmatches.

    Thunder is maybe the best tier 2 turret for Mammoth. It permits staying on firing position for the longest time, mass killing enemy tanks from rapid-firing Thunder gun. Perfect for Deathmatches, TDMs, and good for supporting attacks on enemy base and sniping down escaping enemy capers in CTF mode.

    Though Freeze theoretically requires a fast hull, it still perfectly matches Mammoth if played on tight maps and for defending the base in CTF. Though buying Freeze specifically for mounting on Mammoth (and vice versa) is not recommended.

    Ricochet is pretty good on Mammoth in case you are not really focused on capturing enemy flags. Just don't forget to take cover every time you run out of plasma. Which means you've got to operate somewhere near it.

    Shaft gun is the most powerful weapon in Tanki Online, capable of executing any enemy tank in mere seconds. To get the most out of Shaft you need heavily armored high-stability tank hull. This is obviously the Mammoth.

    Mammoth: PROs and CONs

    (+) PROs

  • Best possible armor rating right from M0.
  • Maximum bonus from Supplies and Protective Paints.
  • Perfect for long Deathmatches.

    (-) CONs

  • The slowest tier 2 tank hull.
  • This is not an all-purpose solution (e.g. Mammoth is useless for caping enemy flags on most Tanki Online maps).
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    9 glacius   (08 Nov 2012 11:40 PM)
    M3 is too expensive !!

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    8 Reneet   (30 Oct 2012 3:19 AM)
    Wow how do you go in a battle? sad
    Answer: I don't understand your question.

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    7 Wanna Be Marshall   (07 Sep 2012 1:52 AM)
    what do you think of the new update!? mad as hulls, turrets, supplies and control points. Mad as right!
    Answer: the best update ever! smile

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    6 K-shark   (26 May 2012 8:42 PM)
    how about mammoth and ricochet ?
    Answer: good for DM, crappy for CTF (except for Island map, where this combination rules).

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    5 TankiMan   (22 May 2012 5:03 AM)
    Is it good with rail. What is good
    Answer: no, choose Viking or Hornet.

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    4 TankiMan   (19 May 2012 11:50 PM)
    should i get it for wth with my thunder
    Answer: it's gonna be fearsome combination wink

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    3 noob   (29 Apr 2012 10:02 AM)
    biggrin m3 vith 100 hp?
    Answer: my bad, thanks for your discretion.

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    2 ahmx   (24 Mar 2012 5:14 PM)
    haha, Mammoth is my best tank ever!!!!!!!!, its good from m2 and strong with supplies, no matter CTF OR TDM mammoth can capture flags(with drugs) cool tongue biggrin

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    1 fissure2   (30 Jan 2012 6:39 PM)
    arrrgh! angry they always get in in my way, and kill me, but i'll live with it! ok

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