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Tanki Online: This tank hull is designed with using all modern army technologies. Improved armor and tier 2 engine allow you to use it in many situations. Charge your enemies or cover your teammates - Viking will prove itself as a good and trustful tank hull.

Viking is the most versatile tier 2 hull in Tanki Online, suitable for all game modes (and especially CTF and TDM modes). Viking combines great performance characteristics with good stability, which makes it especially good under fire of enemy Twins and Ricochet guns. Want a tank hull good for close combat and having moderate speed? Viking is the obvious choice.

  • Great performance characteristics combined with good handling and stability.

    There are basically two reasons not to buy Viking: you are a hard-headed caper (buy yourself a Hornet) or you are focused on playing Deathmatches (then Mammoth is maybe a better choice).

    Agility:  110117130150

    Best matching turrets

    Viking is just awesome for playing with Twins. Though if you're planning to focus on Deathmatches you better choose Mammoth.

    Choosing Viking for playing with Railgun will give you an opportunity to save crystals on this comparatively cheap and overpowered turret and upgrade your tank hull to M3, and then switch to tier 2 weapon.

    Though many tankers use it to mount Isida, it's not the best choice for using with Viking. Cos Isida requires maximum speed from your tank hull to catch up patients. Though there is an exception: if you're a drugger and you're playing against unskilled enemy team, then Viking + Isida combination will make you almost invincible.

    Viking is great for playing with any tier 2 weapon, be it Thunder, Freeze, Ricochet or Shaft.

    Viking: PROs and CONs

    (+) PROs

  • This tank hull has no significant drawbacks.
  • Viking is the most balanced tank hull in Tanki Online.
  • You can always buy a new turret without thinking whether it will suit your tank hull.

    (-) CONs

  • Versatility means that Viking is not always the best tank hull for attaining specific combat tasks.
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    11 Wanna Be Marshall   (26 Aug 2012 11:31 AM)
    hey im finally marshal so i was wondering is viking better to cape of hornet at my level? thx
    Answer: depends on what you expect from your tank hull. Hornet is 30% faster that Viking, but Viking has 50% more armor than Hornet.

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    10 Wanna Be Marshall   (09 Aug 2012 9:57 AM)
    should i buy viking m3 or continue using hunter m3?
    Answer: even Viking M0 is obviously better, so what's the point of asking?

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    9 Hooley Dooley   (02 Aug 2012 11:23 AM)
    Should i keep using hunter m3 or buy viking m0? im W.O1
    Answer: Viking M0 is obviously better.

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    8 killer2699   (02 Aug 2012 0:24 AM)
    Is storm a good protective paint (for thunder and viking)?
    Answer: sure! But paints worth of 15 thousand crystals are obviously better wink

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    7 killer2699   (30 Jul 2012 2:50 AM)
    I now have dictator m0 and railgun m0. Should I buy first thunder m0, then viking m0 or first thunder m0-m1 and later viking m0? Or should I buy a hornet or a mammot?
    Answer: Vkiking is universal tank hull. Buy both Thunder and Viking, coz the latter is much better than Dictator M0.

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    6 Jake   (04 Jul 2012 8:19 PM)
    if viking for freeze should get first m3 viking?
    Answer: you should always upgrade your turret first. Cos you win crystals in battles by killing enemies, not by driving.

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    5 volltrotell   (20 Jun 2012 7:42 PM)
    tanki online ist cool

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    4 K-shark   (15 May 2012 5:24 PM)
    which one is capture the flag easier ? viking or hornet ?
    Answer: I vote for Hornet.

    0   Spam
    3 cook   (06 May 2012 0:13 AM)
    is this the tier two version of hunter like twins is rico

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    2 kzepidis   (11 Apr 2012 11:21 PM)
    playtanki is cool biggrin

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