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Wasp - Hulls - Tanki Online - Tankipedia
Tanki Online: Light, efficient and simple in service - an ideal tank for beginners. Along with low energy consumption it gives relatively good protection from small-caliber weapons. In combination with good engine it gives an ability to drive as fast as rally car, like you have nitro fuel inside, instead of diesel.

Every tanker starts Tanki Online with Wasp and Smoky combination. Wasp has basically two key features:

  • Wasp is (1) the cheapest and (2) the fastest tier 1 hull in Tanki Online.

    Choosing Wasp as your tank hull you'll be able to save some crystals and upgrade your tank faster than your rivals. Many tankers choose this tank hull for the sake of its speed, cos Wasp is the only tier 1 hull that gives a player a sense of speed and dynamics during battle. It is also an ideal hull for capturing enemy flags in CTF mode on early stages of Tanki Online.

    Surely it has some drawbacks: Wasp lacks armor and stability. But if you learn how to use its speed in substitution for armor, you'll be the baddest tanker on the battlefield.

    Agility:  8090110140

    Best matching turrets

    Wasp uses its speed in substitution for armor. Which means no head-on attacks: just covert attacks and sudden backstabs.

    Though Smoky gun is not the best of them all, but it's still fun to play. Nevertheless it is not recommended for general public.

    Firebird is definitely the best turret to replace your Smoky M0 with. Using Firebird on Wasp you'll be able to suddenly attack your enemies from behind and retreat until your weapon recharges. It is also a great combination for capturing enemy flags in CTF mode.

    Twins is pretty much overpowered for its price, thus it is accounted as good combination for mounting on Wasp hull. Though you'll need all your speed and agility to make it really work.

    Railgun is great fun with Wasp. When using this long-ranged overpowered gun you don't really need much armor, though high speed of Wasp will be useful. Though bad stability of Wasp and inclination to flipping over are its obvious drawbacks. Just don't drill in open areas and you'll be fine.

    If you decide to try out Isida M0, Wasp is the best tank hull to start with, thanks to its speed and agility.

    Wasp: PROs and CONs

    (+) PROs

  • The cheapest hull in Tanki Online.
  • The fastest tier 1 tank hull.
  • The best tier 1 hull for capturing enemy flags in CTF.

    (-) CONs

  • Lacks protection, especially in Deathmatches.
  • Very unstable, especially when under Nitro. Easy to flip over.
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    3 Hhgb   (22 Aug 2012 6:46 PM)
    Why do 1st warrent officers use wasp 'n smoky? Is it to hone their skills or it's just fun for them.

    The other day I saw an m0 wasp, lol m2 thunder kills way to fast
    Answer: maybe for fun. Or maybe they're saving crystals to buy like Mammoth and Ricochet, which become available at WO2.

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    2 Hunter-killer001   (20 Jul 2012 7:42 AM)
    So, I decided to start a new profile, and I'm planning on sticking with wasp and smoky till I reach hornet, is that a good idea? Or should I buy a hull or gun before I get to hornet?
    Answer: just upgrade your gun and hull timely.

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    1 Easton pulver   (07 May 2012 8:12 AM)
    Why do u say that twins is overpowered?
    Answer: cos it's the best weapon for deathmatches until you've got tier 2 weapon M2 and higher. It's also very cheap.

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