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Shaft Turrets Tanki Online

  • Shaft

    Shaft gun is a pinnacle of sniping and camping in Tanki Online. To make a jump start on your opponents read this article!

  • Ricochet Turrets Tanki Online

  • Ricochet

    Ricochet is an all-purpose tier 2 tank gun in Tanki Online. Make a jump start with Ricochet after reading this article!

  • Freeze Turrets Tanki Online

  • Freeze

    Freeze is one of the greatest tier 2 guns in Tanki Online. Best firepower on short distances and no aiming skill required!

  • Thunder Turrets Tanki Online

  • Thunder

    Thunder is one of the best guns in Tanki Online, and the least expensive tier 2 turret. How to get the most out of it?

  • Isida Turrets Tanki Online

  • Isida

    Though lacking firepower on later stages, Isida remains the most profitable tank gun of Tanki Online! So what's the secret?

  • Railgun Turrets Tanki Online

  • Railgun

    Railgun is the most overpowered tier 1 weapon in Tanki Online. Read more about this awesome tank gun!

  • Twins Turrets Tanki Online

  • Twins

    Twins is the most affordable and powerful tier 1 weapon than can match even low-end modifications of top tank guns in Tanki Online!

  • Firebird Turrets Tanki Online

  • Firebird

    In Tanki Online Firebird inflicts mass damage to groups of tanks, which makes it a perfect serial killer and best choice for capers!

  • Smoky Turrets Tanki Online

  • Smoky

    Smoky is one of the greatest and cheapest turrets in Tanki Online. How to make the most out of it?