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Tanki Online: In close city quarters battles, there is no better weapon than a flame spitter. This is a weapon of mass destruction. The heat will melt down any tank and its crew. This weapon is highly effective in a confined space fast moving tanks.

Unlike most other tier 1 weapons in Tanki Online, Firebird inflicts mass damage to groups of enemy tanks. This makes Firebird a serial killer right from the start. Best used on tight maps (e.g. Boombox), this turret is perfect for playing both DM and CTF games. In CTF it's great for surprisingly incinerating enemy defenders and capturing enemy flag.

  • Firebird requires no targeting skill and it is great for both DM and CTF games.

    Try attacking enemies from behind, killing them before they can strike back. While Firebird recharges plan your next attack. A good Firebird player should always be on the move, travelling from one victim to another behind covers. Try being unnoticed. Avoid head-on attacks and retreat behind cover if necessary. Always be on the move and remember: motionless tanker with Firebird = dead tanker.

    Swing speed:
    Damage per sec:12141824
    Consumption (sec):  5555
    Reload (sec):2017.8612.510
  • Firing range: under 15 m — 100%, over 20 m — 0%
  • Best matching hulls for mounting Firebird

    The faster your tank is the faster you'll reach the target and get your frag. Wasp is the best and the only choice for playing with Firebird. On higher ranks before switching to more effective tier 2 weapon you may try a new hull: Hornet. Wasp (or Hornet) + Firebird is also a perfect combination for capturing enemy flags in CTF, cos Firebird is a perfect weapon for quickly killing groups of enemy defenders.

    Never use Titan or Mammoth with Firebird, you'll look stupid with it. Avoid using Hunter or Viking.

    Firebird: PROs and CONs

    (+) PROs

  • Firebird requires no targeting skill. If you don't feel like playing with Smoky, try switching to Firebird.
  • Firebird is a serial killer. Get multiple frags in mere seconds, incinerate groups of enemy tanks.
  • Perfect weapon for capturing enemy flags in CTF, can surely kill almost any tank on a battlefield. Of course that's only if you're playing with tankers having comparable ranks.

    (-) CONs

  • 20 meters of firing range isn't much.
  • Modifications M0-M1 require ages to reload.
  • Firebird has no recoil or physical effect on other tanks. You'll not be able to use recoil to jump from heights nor use Firebird to throw enemy tanks off course or flip them over.
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    should i upgrade fire bird to m3 or rank up to wo1 and buy viking or rank up wo1 and buy thunder i dont know what to choose i miss my marshal account i was the king and vinsent
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    i have m2 firebird, and i was gonna upgrade it to m3, but i got railgun m1 instead, because i knew i had to upgrade my m0s to m1s before i did anything else smile

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