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Tanki Online: The concept of Freeze weapon was created in the desolate Russian village. Using old broken refrigerator

Freeze is a great gun for both DM and CTF modes. It inflicts massive damage from short distance and immobilizes enemy tanks, killing them in mere seconds. Moreover the same as its predecessor Firebird it inflicts mass damage to all tanks in the firing cone, which makes Freeze player a serial tank killer. Just choose groups of tanks standing close to each other, sneak up close and kill 'em all!

  • Massive damage combined with freezing effect leaves enemies helpless till they die.

    When attacking an enemy tank try staying out of its line of fire. Immobilize the enemy tank and circle around it, rotating your turret after your target. Avoid frontal attacks, save your health points.

    Swing speed:1.451.631.952.55
    Damage per sec:20222632
    Consumption (sec):  8888
    Reload (sec):2018.8612.510
    Freezing rate (sec):6543

  • Firing range: under 15 m — 100%, over 20 m — 0%
  • Best matching hulls for mounting Freeze

    The faster your tank is the faster you'll reach the target and get your frag. Hornet is maybe the best choice for the player who wants Tanki Online to be played as fast as possible. It is also a perfect combination for a caper in CTF mode, cos Freese is a perfect weapon for freezing all enemy defenders at the flag and leaving the base in a blink of an eye.

    Want more protection? Like to play Deathmatches? Viking is an excellent choice for playing with Freeze. Its moderate speed permits catching up most of your foes.

    Like drug wars? Need a tank for taking gold boxes? Choose Mammoth and you wouldn't be disappointed. Moderate speed when under Nitro and the largest bonus from Double Armor and First Aid kits makes this combination perfect for both DM and CTF modes.

    Freeze: PROs and CONs

    (+) PROs

  • Freeze is the best turret for defending the base in CTF because of massive damage and freezing ability.
  • You don't really need to aim or control your camera much. Just point Freeze in right direction and hit the button.
  • Effectively kills Isidas from safe distance.

    (-) CONs

  • 20 meters of firing range isn't much, especially when using with Mammoth.
  • Freeze has no recoil or physical effect on other tanks. You'll not be able to use recoil to jump from heights nor use Freeze to throw enemy tanks off course or flip them over.
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    0   Spam
    18 superman   (08 Nov 2012 2:10 AM)
    Is having freeze m2 by wo3 good? With m0 Viking?
    Answer: sure!

    0   Spam
    17 bob   (12 Oct 2012 8:10 PM)
    dictator m3 is cheap to get i think it will combined well with isida m3

    0   Spam
    16 Theawsomecooldude   (11 Oct 2012 8:18 AM)
    How long is m1 freeze good for? I'm a second lieutenant who just bought it. What's te maximum rank you can use it for?
    Answer: IMHO you should upgrade it to M3 by Captain rank.

    0   Spam
    15 Joshprk523   (01 Oct 2012 3:29 AM)
    Is dictator o.k. for freeze?
    Answer: not bad!

    0   Spam
    14 Thommy   (29 Sep 2012 3:12 AM)
    hi should i use m3 firebird or buy freeze cos of the special ability or buy hornet m1? cool
    Answer: save and buy at least for Freeze M1.

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    13 Theawsomecooldude   (25 Sep 2012 8:31 AM)
    What is the best protective paint that protects from Rico and thunder? We're talking about freeze plus hornet combo by the way
    Answer: the more expensive a paint is, the more protection it grants. Zeus and Emerald are the best.

    0   Spam
    12 overkill234   (14 Sep 2012 4:57 AM)
    is python a good paint for freeze and viking
    Answer: sure, but I personally prefer Inferno.

    0   Spam
    11 Thunderico   (23 Aug 2012 8:06 PM)
    What paints are good with freeze + Viking?
    Answer: like Inferno and Zeus smile

    0   Spam
    10 Akula   (21 Jul 2012 7:19 PM)
    What is better to buy freeze or viking m1 , or mammoth
    Answer: new turret always means new cool gameplay. New hull is just a sub-base.

    0   Spam
    9 Jake   (13 Jun 2012 4:38 PM)
    can you make a CTF gameplay with freeze+hornet or viking on sandboxII

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