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Tanki Online: The idea of this unique weapon arose in the times of the cold war but was realized only with the development of quantum physics and nanotechnologies. The heart of this wonder-machine is generator of nanorobots able to reproduce or destroy the structure of any non-biological material. The weapon is equipped with impulse emitter which allows to transport nanomass in the magnetic channel at a distance of about twenty meters. Molecular material, derived during nanorobots functiononing in the mode of target destruction, is used to fix own chassis.

Isida is undoubtedly the most useful tank gun among tier 1 weapons. In fact it is not really a gun, but a tool for fixing friendly tanks thus acquiring additional points in team battles. To encourage Isida players to heal their teammates they are given 50% more points for healing friendly tanks than for killing enemies. All the above means that Isida is meant for team modes like CTF or TDM and it is not really useful in Deathmatches.

  • Thanks to its 150% bonus to healing, Isida is the most profitable turret in Tanki Online.

    Low-end Isida modifications lack firepower, but they are still good in healing. High-end Isida cannot match high-end modifications of tier 2 weapons in Tanki Online, but it can get the highest score in CTF and the majority of the battle fund. And though Isida is rather expensive compared to other tier 1 weapons, buying and upgrading Isida is a good investment.

    In CTF Isida is used mostly to support friendly attacks on enemy flag and for capturing and carrying enemy flag back to base.

    Swing speed:1.31.451.72.1
    Damage per sec:12141824
    Heal per sec:12141824
    Consumption (sec):5555
    Reload (sec):  2017.861210
  • Adds 50% of enemy health when attacking
  • When healing, gives in 1.5 times more scores, than damage
  • Firing range - 15 m
  • Best matching hulls for mounting Isida

    Since Isida is used mostly for healing (or repairing) friendly units, it requires fast moving tank hulls.

    Wasp (and later on - Hornet) is definitely the best matching tank hulls for using with Isida in Tanki Online. Hornet + Isida is the best possible combination for escorting friendly attackers, helping them to capture the flag and return them back to base. Regardless to what hull your attackers are using, when playing on Hornet you'll be able to catch 'em up.

    High-end Viking and Dictator hulls are less suitable for healing friendly tanks with Isida, but they are very good in drug wars. Good armor of these versatile tank hulls combined with vampirism of Isida makes this combination almost invincible when playing against unskilled players.

    All other tank hulls lack speed and hence are considered unsuitable.

    Isida: PROs and CONs

    (+) PROs

  • One of the most profitable weapons in Tanki Online.
  • Cheap compared to tier 2 weapons, though you can use Isida all your way to Marshal rank.
  • One of the best weapons for capturing enemy flags.

    (-) CONs

  • Isida is meant for CTF. Playing Isida in DM and even TDM is ineffective.
  • Compared even to lower modifications of tier 2 weapons it is underpowered.
  • Because of its low range of fire, Isida is easily killed even with Freese M0.
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    19 WillTreaty2   (14 Oct 2012 11:06 AM)
    Do you get 1 xp for 1 hp healed?
    Answer: you get 15 xp for every 100 hp healed.

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    18 Megaman111   (13 Oct 2012 6:20 PM)
    I have m2 isida and m0 freeze. Is it better to upgrade isida or freeze. Or should i scrap the idea of upgrading the turret and upgrade hornet to m2? pls help.
    Answer: Upgrede Isida than go for Hornet M2 and M3.

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    17 overkill234   (24 Sep 2012 5:09 AM)
    I have m1 rail with m2 wasp and i almost have enough for isida. so would it be profitable to buy and play with isida to get crystals to upgrade my railgun and get other guns later in the game
    Answer: I recommend buying M2 modification, cos playing with Isida M0-M1 is painful.

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    16 K-shark   (10 Sep 2012 7:03 PM)
    So what hull do you prefer to use isida with ? Hornet or viking ?
    Answer: Hornet.

    0   Spam
    15 tankionlineboss   (21 Aug 2012 8:10 PM)
    imma buy an isida when....but do you gain xp for lik each increment of health done or just when you heal up to 100 xp?
    Answer: for each increment.

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    14 guy   (08 Aug 2012 3:06 AM)
    Im gonna get m3 isida soon, should I upgrade vik cuz I'm thinking of upgrading Rico for my next wep
    Answer: It's better to play with only one turret & hull combination, so after upgrading you turret to M3 it's theoretically better to upgrage your hull to M3 and then buy some expensive paints.

    0   Spam
    13 Domxxe65   (31 Jul 2012 1:54 AM)
    Can i play with an m2 isida for a long time? Since i do not donate, i am wo4 and i do not have much crystals
    Answer: Isida M2 is profitable.

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    12 Theawsomecooldude   (27 Jul 2012 7:27 PM)
    I have a question. I have enough crystals to upgrade isida m1 and it sucks. So I'm wondering, should I save up 2500 crystals for m1 and m2 isida? Or should I just buy m1?
    Answer: buy M1 and save for M2 wink

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    11 tanki2311   (09 Jul 2012 8:19 PM)
    is isidaM2 a good gun played with hornet for every rank?
    Answer: sure.

    0   Spam
    10 jake   (09 Jul 2012 8:01 PM)
    for hornet will you prefer at w01 rail m2 or isida m2? cos i'm very confused
    Answer: Isida is the most profitable gun in Tanki Online.

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