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Tanki Online: If mid-caliber guns are not enough for your self-expression, this gun is right for you. Large-caliber gun with huge muzzle speed and uranic core shells. You can get several targets with a single shot, because it goes through the enemy. Complex recoil reduction system need a lot of power to function. Ideal for long-range trench warfare and sniping.

In Tanki Online Railgun is the most powerful tier 1 weapon. Buy this baby and you'll be the toughest guy of the battlefield till mass appearance of M2 modifications of tier 2 weapons. Of course Thunder M2 is more powerful than Railgun, timely upgrading your Railgun you'll get a huge advantage over your enemies and rival teammates on earlier stages of Tanki Online. Railgun is also fun to play, so sooner or later you should taste it.

  • Railgun is the most powerful tier 1 weapon.

    Huge instant damage and infinite firing range makes Railgun an ideal weapon for sniping distant enemies, so it’s an obvious choice for campers. All these come with huge recoil and physical effect on enemy tanks, which can be used for your own advantage.

    In CTF Railgun is mostly used by defenders for sniping enemy attackers and killing enemy capers. It is also great as a support gun for selectively sniping down key enemy defenders thus helping friendly capers to capture enemy flags.

    Swing speed:
    Reload (sec):

    Best matching hulls for mounting Railgun

    Railgun is meant for sniping, which means you'll be behind cover most of the time. You don't need much armor for standing or moving under cover, though fast hull for moving from cover to cover is recommended.

    Playing Railgun on Wasp is not only fun, but it is also a great combination, especially for CTF and TDM modes. Small overall dimensions of Wasp combined with high speed of this tiny hull make it great for sniping enemies from a distance. Wasp and Railgun combination has two major disadvantages: firstly such tank lacks stability and can be easily flipped over because of huge recoil, and secondly Wasp seldom withstands return shots from enemy Railguns. But still I account Wasp as one of the best tank hulls in Tanki Online for mounting Railgun.

    Hunter is also a good choice for mounting Railgun. Though it has less speed than Wasp, but at the same time it has perfect stability and enough armor to withstand shots from enemy Railguns.

    High-end modifications of Dictator are maybe the best tank hulls for using with Railgun. Of course all their drawbacks are in place, but a combination of comparatively cheap Dictator and Railgun makes it almost perfect for those of you who are not planning to donate into Tanki Online. Which I think is a grave mistake. At the same time Dictator M0 and M1 modifications are crap.

    Railgun + Viking is maybe the best combination without significant drawbacks. By choosing Viking you'll be able to save crystals for upgrading your hull and buying expensive protective paints. And having Viking M3 you can choose any tier 2 weapon to play. Viking is an uncompromising choice for playing with Railgun.

    Using slow moving hulls like Titan and Mammoth never really pays off. Cos if playing a sniper you just don't need all those protection. And you'll waste too much time when relocating for better firing position. Playing Railgun with Hornet is fun, but the point is that you can always find a better weapon for fast-moving Hornet.

    Railgun: PROs and CONs

    (+) PROs

  • Effectively snipes enemies from safe distance with no penalties.
  • Railgun (and Dictator hull) is still the official turret used in Clan Championship. Just in case you're planning to participate.

    (-) CONs

  • Slow reload and low damage per minute.
  • Railgun M3 is a dead end. It costs almost as Thunder M2, but it is still enferior to it.
  • Railgun is maybe the worst turret for capturing enemy flags.
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    27 superman   (03 Nov 2012 2:25 PM)
    I'm starting new account and I'm not gonna waste crystal. I'm using wasp and smoky till I get dictator and rail
    Is this good way to save crystals?
    Answer: switching from Smoky M2 to Rail M0 and from Wasp M3 to Dictator M2 makes sense.

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    26 superman   (03 Nov 2012 2:20 PM)
    How the he'll do u level up so fast? I'm only wo4 and I have played 4 more than a year now
    Answer: I'm playing since April 2010.

    0   Spam
    25 rohan   (23 Oct 2012 2:50 PM)
    should i upgrade hunter to m2 modification i am on master sergent level.
    Answer: yes, why not? It's a long way till Viking wink

    0   Spam
    24 quentin haynes   (25 Sep 2012 2:44 AM)
    I have m2 rail and i have a few tips when your coming out of your postion shoot your weapon before you come out of your spot you need timing with thisand you need to now where your shooting.And when you aim to shoot enemy shoot to kill and also think your the boss when your using railgun

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    23 overkill234   (18 Sep 2012 2:37 AM)
    Hi ,on my staff sergeant account I have 201 crystals, I have hunter m1,wasp m1 and railgun as my main combo. Should I wait until I can get railgun m1 or upgrade wasp to m2?
    Answer: I vote for Railgun smile

    0   Spam
    22 overkill234   (15 Sep 2012 6:25 PM)
    should i use hunter and rail gun until i can afford viking
    Answer: why not?

    0   Spam
    21 JOHN   (20 Aug 2012 2:47 PM)

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    20 Shafial Zaman   (16 Aug 2012 0:18 AM)
    i need 48 more crystals to get a railgun!!!!!!!!!!!!! cry

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    19 Domxxe65   (14 Aug 2012 1:13 AM)
    Is railgun a weapon that fits to rank up to marshal?
    Answer: nope, it's obviously weaker than M3 tier 2 weapons.

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    18 loinsnak   (01 Aug 2012 6:20 AM)
    may you make m3 Railgun

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