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Tanki Online: Ricochet plasma gun is a new secret project of Siberean scientists. To produce this gun team of high-class professionals have been working in the underground bunker more than three years without permission to exit on the surface. And they've created a great weapon. It throws plasma charges cloakes with

Ricochet is the most versatile gun in Tanki Online. Though as opposed to all other tier 2 weapons it has no mass damage, Ricochet is still one of the most effective tank turrets for both DM and CTF modes. It inflicts massive damage to one target, easily steals frags from its rivals and it is perfect for fast killing both enemy tanks with any long range guns, and enemy Isidas and Freezes from safe distance. Ricochet also has two distinctive features: it has moderate recoil and huge physical effect on enemy tanks, and its charges bounce off obstacles. Combined with advanced homing system this gives Ricochet player a visible advantage.

  • A perfect combination of massive damage and medium range.

    Ricochet is perfect for both DM and CTF modes. Medium range of fire helps Ricochet killing defending Freezes from safe distance and use ricochets for its own advantage in urban warfare.

    Swing speed:1.31.451.72.1
    Shots per tank:  13141517
    Recharge (sec):10.521098

  • Charges bounce off obstacles
  • Firing range: under 60 m — 100%, after 80 m — 0%
  • Best matching hulls for mounting Ricochet

    Ricochet requires high-stability tank hulls, which means that Dictators and Hornets are not the best choices.

    Viking is the best possible choice for designing an assault tank for CTF mode. Perfect for both capturing and delivering enemy flags, and for returning own flag.

    Of course Mammoth is not for attacking enemy base in CTF mode, but it is still good for Deathmatches. As for defending the base it looks like Thunder, Freeze and Shaft are better choices.

    Ricochet: PROs and CONs

    (+) PROs

  • Ricochet is versatile and obviously overpowered.
  • The best tank gun for returning own flag.
  • Ricochet effectively kills Isidas and Freezes from safe distance.

    (-) CONs

  • Aiming moving targets from a distance is tricky.
  • You may run out of plasma at the most inappropriate moment.
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    20 eduard   (28 Oct 2012 10:22 PM)
    hey, man im a 2 lieutenant, but i want a paint as soon as possible, but i still have viking m1, the paint i want is needl and i use the combo viking ricochet, should i upgrade viking or buy nnedle first?
    Answer: upgrade your tank to M3 first.

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    19 shaft m3 vs mammoth m3 and railgun m3   (28 Oct 2012 2:46 PM)
    can somebody say all the names of all ranks please. i want to know!
    Answer: you should visit this page.

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    18 meric111   (24 Oct 2012 10:27 PM)
    which is better ricochet m3 or freeze ive seen freeze win at blow to blow basically close combat but rico is good at medium range pls help !
    Answer: the more expensive the turret is - the better.

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    17 eduard   (21 Oct 2012 9:30 PM)
    hey, i have viking m1 and rico m2,i can't decide on what to buy next, shall i upgrade viking , or buy some protective paint? help me please
    Answer: upgrade you tank to M3 first, buy paint later.

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    16 superman   (06 Oct 2012 12:12 PM)
    Should I upgrade my Rico or shaft to m3 ? By the way I like to cape .which one is better shaft m3 or Rico m3??
    Answer: Rico is way better for caping.

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    15 Thunderico   (30 Aug 2012 5:41 AM)
    What paint is the best for ricochet + viking?
    Answer: I vote for Zeus or Inferno.

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    14 GoldBoxer123   (17 Aug 2012 9:44 PM)
    I have rico m2 , viking m3 and Emerald-Inferno Paint smile

    0   Spam
    13 reece   (15 Aug 2012 12:45 PM)

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    12 Hhgb   (15 Aug 2012 2:01 AM)
    Thunder or Ricochet? I got Viking m2 with thunder m2 but I'm a 4th warrant officer who plays CTF allot in the offensive role in the maches just to help my team capers with the flags, in other words I need to kill 2-4 guys fast (drugs optional)
    Answer: Ricochet is better if you wanna capture flags yourself. If you see yourself as a supporter for those capers, there's no much difference, both guns are great.

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    11 Theawesomecooldude   (13 Aug 2012 3:54 AM)
    For how long is m1 rico good for? Like whats the maximum rank it can be most effective?
    Answer: until your enemies get Rico M2 wink

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