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Tanki Online: The Shaft gun was designed by scientists who gave its enormous possibilities. It can make coffee, deliver pizzas, pay bills, but its main feature is the sniping mode, which allows you to stay one step ahead of your opponents. Get a unique opportunity to fight in long and short distances, as you can shoot without using a sniper scope.

Shaft is the best solution for snipers and campers on Tanki Online. It’s a two-pack gun: in scoped mode you can accumulate your charge and kill distant enemies with one perfect shot. In normal mode you can inflict comparatively small damage to enemy tanks, thus effectively stealing frags from your rivals or killing escaping enemy capers. Of course normal mode doesn't make a sniper gun rock in close range combat, but it really makes Shaft a hard target.

  • Shaft is a perfect one-shot long-range killer.

    In Deathmatches Shaft is not only a perfect one-shot killer, but most importantly, a frag stealer. Hold down the firing button and looking at your target through the scope estimate the damage it takes. Than estimate the charge you need to accumulate to kill your target in one shot, and release the button. If your estimations are correct, you’ll get an easy frag. When playing DMs this makes Shaft hard to beat.

    The same thing with TDM – Shaft players naturally have high D/L ratio (which is important when playing TDMs). When playing CTF Shaft is used mostly for ruining enemy attacks and as a support gun for sniping down key enemy defenders.

    Swing speed:0.50.520.60.7
    Damage in norm. mode:  16-2018-2223-2728-32
    Damage in scope mode:  18-10020-11025-14030-180
    Full charge (sec):
    Recharge (sec):

    Best matching hulls for mounting Shaft

    Shaft is meant for camping. You don't really need a super fast or armored tank hull for mounting it.

    Such tank hulls as Dictator or Hornet are not really good for use with Shaft mostly because of their low stability. Which is needed when facing attacks from enemy Twins and Ricochet guns, which are famous for their strong physical effect. Low armor rating is another drawback of these tank hulls.

    Because of its high speed, good armor and high stability Viking permits quickly changing firing positions to support attacks on enemy flag and keeping enemy attackers at bay, thus making Viking almost perfect for playing with Shaft in CTF mode.

    Mammoth is maybe the best possible solution for playing Deathmatches with Shaft gun. Thick armor, high stability and aura of invulnerability makes Mammoth almost perfect for mounting Shaft.

    Shaft: PROs and CONs

    (+) PROs

  • Shaft is the best solution for camping.
  • Shaft permits killing enemies with a single shot.
  • Best gun for stealing frags.

    (-) CONs

  • If you're not a camper inside, Shaft is pure disappointment.
  • Shaft is the most expensive gun in Tanki Online.
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    0   Spam
    12 Hra12321   (29 Aug 2012 12:05 PM)
    Im marshall shaft m3 and mamoth m3 is the best

    0   Spam
    11 superman   (22 Aug 2012 8:13 PM)
    How do u aim with shaft in sniper mode? Is it arrow keys?
    Answer: arrow keys or WASD.

    0   Spam
    10 herald   (19 Aug 2012 12:33 PM)
    hello i am major

    and i get shaft M3 and Mammoth M3 and it is really strong cool

    0   Spam
    9 tanki   (01 Aug 2012 9:14 PM)
    i just became a WO-4 and got shaft 2day im soo happy. how do you aim but not have ammo fully ready cos i saw a vid on you tube and after he shoots he can aim starait away!

    E-mail me the answr
    Answer: Shaft was fully rebalanced last fall, maybe the video was very old.

    0   Spam
    8 loinsnak   (01 Aug 2012 6:21 AM)
    may i have a shaft m3

    0   Spam
    7 vako   (29 Jun 2012 2:17 PM)
    i need shafti m3 and vikingi m3 very very need and i love tanki online

    0   Spam
    6 George   (17 Jun 2012 4:50 AM)
    Is shaft gone work with hornet or viking and till getting shaft whAt should i play with ?
    Answer: it works perfectly with any tank hull, but I prefer playing on Viking.

    0   Spam
    5 K-shark   (29 Apr 2012 8:05 AM)
    Can titan use with shaft ?
    Answer: sure, why not?

    0   Spam
    4 michael200210   (20 Apr 2012 3:59 PM)
    cry I miss my wo5 account with all my weapens and shaft i was the king

    0   Spam
    3 John   (07 Apr 2012 8:56 PM)
    Dictator has low armor 120 armor is considered low armor that is more than m3 hornet and 30 less than m3 viking wow tanki pro I know more than you. Who cares about low stabilty its fast 8 speed and strong with tier two weapon such as thunder it is one of the best hulls in the game.
    Answer: you should really try out Hornet M3 or Viking M3 to know the difference. Dictator is THE WORST tank hull in Tanki Online. Just a waste of crystals.

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