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Smoky - Turrets - Tanki Online - Tankipedia
Tanki Online: Medium-caliber tank gun. It is used in light and training tanks. It is wide spread used because it is affordable and easy to operate. If you want to act like a guerrilla, it certainly suits your needs. Fix it on light tank and and enjoy speed among monster tanks.

Smoky is fun to play, but it requires skill to turn turret and raise / lower camera of better aiming. By the rank of Staff Sergeant (when you may upgrade Smoky to M3) you'll have three more awesome guns at your disposal, while mastering Smoky takes much more time. Though Smoky M3 surpasses any weapon available on Staff Sergeant, it will start loosing its potency soon enough and will become obsolete by the rank of Warrant Officer or even earlier.

  • Smoky requires skill to play (which rookies obviously don't have), and lacks power.

    All the above means that to have fun playing (and winning) with Smoky you'd better register another account when you feel you've got enough experience in Tanki Online. This way you'll definitely like it.

    Swing speed:
    Damage per sec:4-165-176-208-24
    Reload (sec):21.91.751.6
  • Firing range: 50 m — 100%, 100 m — 20%
  • Best matching hulls for mounting Smoky

    Free Wasp is a good choice. First of all it's free (and it's the cheapest tank hull in case you want to upgrade it to M3). Second - playing on Wasp is fun, especially with Smoky. And third - you'll be able to switch to Firebird which perfect for playing with Wasp and requires no targeting skill. While playing with Smoky use all your speed and agility to move from cover to cover and surprisingly attack your enemies. Don't participate in head-on fights, hide behind buildings and structures.

    Hunter is great with Smoky. It combines good armor and speed along with excellent stability under enemy fire. You can always choose to stay with Smoky till late Sergeant ranks or switch to another weapon like Twins or Railgun, which are perfect with Hunter.

    Titan is maybe the best tank hull to use with Smoky. Though it's the slowest and most expensive tier 1 hull in Tanki Online.

    Smoky: PROs and CONs

    (+) PROs

  • Early and timely upgrade Smoky to M3, and you'll be the deadliest tank on the battlefield.
  • Recoil helps jumping from heights and physical effect permits knocking off aim of enemy Smoky and Railguns.

    (-) CONs

  • Power playing with Smoky is difficult and requires helluva skill.
  • Smoky is obviously underpowered.
  • Smoky is a near dead end.
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    8 ladolego   (27 Oct 2012 6:43 AM)
    This gun is good at m3 if you've already bought viking and you really want thunder. This weapon is perfect for earning crystals faster as well.

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    7 noobinator   (19 Oct 2012 4:07 AM)
    smoky is by far my fav weapon, with smoky M2 and hunter M1 on sergeant rank, i killed the 3 of enemy team alone so much that they left xD i got 93 crystals that match, best match i had

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    6 I'm a idiot   (14 Oct 2012 7:35 PM)
    What do you mean recoil?
    Answer: You don't understand a concept of recoil?

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    5 niclv   (27 Jul 2012 4:48 PM)
    i want to see beetween 1.0 and 2.0 happy

    0   Spam
    4 rpk123   (30 Jun 2012 12:53 PM)
    i beat the *CENSORED* out of the twin users with smoky easily at range from near 30 and above. cool

    0   Spam
    3 Thunderico   (06 Jun 2012 0:44 AM)
    M3 smoky is sooo much fun and you can make railguns cry lol

    0   Spam
    2 TankiMan   (20 Apr 2012 4:26 AM)
    people buy cheat codes
    Answer: there's no cheat codes for Tanki Online. You can buy a malware program, but your account will be surely suspended for cheating. Tanki administration use to suspend thousands (!) accounts every day.

    0   Spam
    1 brandon   (30 Jan 2012 8:40 PM)
    i want to now what are the codes pls tell me plz sad :( sad :( i would be happy if you tell me smile :) smile :)
    Answer: there're no cheat codes for the game.

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