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Tanki Online: This tier 2 middle-caliber gun is the best choice for dynamic battle. Splash damage (make sure you won't hit yourself!) allows you to attack a group of enemy tanks. Equiped with light armor is one of the most dangerous weapons on the battlefiels.

Thunder is the first tier 2 tank turret available in Tanki Online. Because all tier 2 turrets have approximately equal power, and Thunder is the least expensive of them all, it is a great choice for getting reasonably priced tank turret. Because of splash damage ability, to get the most out of Thunder you should focus on attacking groups of enemy tanks and stealing frags while keeping the distance.

  • Thunder turret has one major feature - splash damage!

    In CTF Thunder is used mostly for fire support and for killing enemy capers from the distance. Being a caper with Thunder is not a good idea mostly because of self damage.

    Even low-end modifications of Thunder guns are awesome, though having insufficient experience with it you'll probably be disappointed with the performance of M0 and even M1 modifications. So a general advice will be taking Thunder M0 at first opportunity for everyday practice, and to continue using an M3 tier 1 gun for winning prize crystals in long battles.

    Thunder has the most realistic appearance and principle of operation among other tier 2 tank guns, so all of you guys who like "realism" in sci-fi arcades will definitely love it.

    Swing speed:
    Reload (sec):
  • Firing range: 60 м — 100%, 120 м — 50%
  • Splash damage radius: 5 m — 100%, 5 to 10 m — 25%, above 10 m — 0%
  • Best matching hulls for mounting Thunder

    Because Dictator is so fast and cheap, it is a nice tank hull for mounting Thunder. So if you already have Dictator M3, than Thunder is a good choice. Though its drawbacks (Dictator has oversized dimensions and bad stability) sooner or later make you replace it with true tier 2 tank hull.

    Hornet is not the best choice to play with Thunder because it lacks armor and stability. Though playing Hornet + Thunder combination is fun. Especially if playing against unskilled players in CTF or TDM modes.

    Viking is maybe the best choice for playing in CTF and TDM modes, where you need maximum speed to respond to moving scenarios of team games.

    Mammoth + Thunder combination is maybe the best for playing Deathmatches. Mammoth also gets maximum bonus when using First Aid kits, Double Armor and Protective Paints, which makes it the best choice for drug wars. It is also a good combination for defending the base in CTF mode, effectively damaging enemy attackers on the way to your base and killing enemy capers from the distance.

    Thunder: PROs and CONs

    (+) PROs

  • High damage combined with splash damage makes Thunder one of the best Tanki Online guns.
  • Thunder is great for camping, damages from great distances with minimum penalty.
  • It is the least expensive tier 2 gun.

    (-) CONs

  • Not suitable for capturing enemy flags on most Tanki Online maps.
  • You should be careful with that splash damage not to hurt yourself.
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    0   Spam
    27 CainV   (08 Nov 2012 9:05 PM)
    Thunder m0 or Railgun m0?
    Answer: Thunder has more potency.

    0   Spam
    26 LuckyMen..   (15 Oct 2012 12:42 PM)
    Thunder is the best turret of the WORLD! biggrin cool

    0   Spam
    25 Josh19   (05 Oct 2012 7:13 PM)
    You can to cons that it has low damage on long range
    But this is not a worry, i love thunder biggrin

    0   Spam
    24 overkill234   (16 Sep 2012 0:21 AM)
    is rustle a good paint for thunder and viking/mammoth?
    Answer: sure, cheap and cheerful.

    0   Spam
    23 superman   (04 Sep 2012 3:38 PM)
    Should i upgrade thunder or rico to m3 in your opinion?
    Answer: depends on what do you expect from your gun. Ricochet is good for attacking emeny base or capturing points, Thunder is meant for support.

    0   Spam
    22 Hhgb   (11 Aug 2012 3:41 AM)
    I got m2 thunder and m2 Viking what do I get next because I don't like freeze dice it's hard to destroy Reuters with and they kill u before u do unlike thunder when u can from a distance and shaft I can't capture flags with. So I'm thinking thunder before ricochet and all the sudden this is getting confusing for me so thunder or Viking.

    What should I get? I'm a 4th warrent officer with 162 crystals but I buy every time I get a DCC.
    Answer: always update your turret first, hull later.

    0   Spam
    21 mashal   (24 Jul 2012 12:10 PM)
    i am wo5 and thunder m3 and viking m3 .but i keep on geting kilied by my own splash damage. any tips ???????????????????????????? biggrin :D biggrin
    Answer: keep your distance and buy a protective paint like Prodigy or Emerald.

    0   Spam
    20 2kul4u   (14 Jul 2012 7:01 PM)
    Is thunder good with hornet?
    Answer: nope.

    0   Spam
    19 Dracobat999   (04 Jul 2012 2:19 PM)
    I have thunder and hornet and I don't feel like getting viking so can you give me some tips to help smile PS: I played in a CTF battle with hornet m3 and thunder m3 and I was first at the end we won and I got 3627 crystals for prize!
    Answer: try playing on bigger maps, so you can avoid meeting enemies with short range guns in close combat.

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    18 curse7   (26 Jun 2012 0:04 AM)

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