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Tanki Online: This fast plasma gun with two tubes will melt enemy in seconds. Just remember that forced plasma generator, hid in this baby, eats a lot of energy, and gunfire accuray is not the best idea for dynamic firefight on a mid distance.

Twins is among the cheapest turrets in Tanki Online, and the most effective of them all (in comparison with Smoky and Firebird of course). It will stay effective till Lieutenant, when other players will acquire M2 modifications of tier 2 weapons, starting with Thunder. Medium range helps Twins to keep tanks with close range guns at bay, and infinite ammo together with moderate damage make it a fearsome weapon, especially in Deathmatches.

  • Moderate damage and infinite ammo makes Twins perfect for Deathmatches.

    Swing speed:1.31.451.72.1
    Reload time (s):  0.370.40.370.33
    Reload (sec):2017.8612.510
  • Range: under 40 m — 100%, over 60 m — 0%
  • Best matching hulls for mounting Twins

    Twins requires high-speed, heavily-protected and high-stability hulls.

    Playing Twins on Wasp is fun. Instead of using your armor to absorb damage, use all your speed to catch up your enemies from behind to surprisingly attack them. Be ready to retreat in case they survive the attack and are ready to fight back. Playing Twins on Wasp is fun, but this combination is not recommended for general public: Wasp hull is very weak and unstable and easy to flip over.

    Hunter is maybe the best choice for using with Twins, cos it just perfectly matches the above requirements (it has good speed, protection and stability).

    Though Titan is slow, it's still good for using with Twins. To be a winner on such a tank you'll need to carefully choose your position and turn your turret frequently to find new targets. Remember that Twins has infinite ammo and if you're not continuously shooting your enemies, you're just loosing ground.

    Low-end modifications of Dictator have none of the above mentioned qualities: they are weak, slow and most importantly, they lack stability. So even though Dictator may look like a hull to choose, it has too many drawbacks. Also to get the most out of Dictator you'll have to save a lump sum of crystals (and it takes a lot of time) or donate. And there always will be better hulls out there in the game.

    Hornet is one of the best solutions for capers ranking from Sergeant-major to maybe Warrant Officer 2, when they can acquire comparatively cheap and extremely competitive M0 and M1 modifications of Freeze. Though using Hornet with Twins is not generally recommended cos it lacks armor and stability, playing CTF and caping flags on Hornet with Twins on lower ranks works fine for most Tanki players.

    Viking is a versatile hull, good for using with any tier 2 weapons without exclusions. And Twins perfectly suits this hull. So choosing a Viking you'll get a hull for any other turret you'll buy in the future, perfect for any game modes and maps you play. So choose wisely!

    Mammoth is one of the best hulls for using with Twins: though the speed of M0 modification is comparatively low, its armor forgives everything. Wise Tanki player will get the most of this combination.

    Twins: PROs and CONs

    (+) PROs

  • Twins is so cheap its kinda ridiculous.
  • Infinite ammo and moderate damage make Twins rule Deathmatches until the appearance of M2 modifications of tier 2 weapons.
  • Strong physical effect of plasma charges prevent accurate aiming at your tank and helps to slow down, stop or even flip over enemy tanks.

    (-) CONs

  • Twins is a medium range weapon. Its effective range is only 40 m.
  • On higher ranks it will be difficult to acquire frags because of its comparatively low damage.
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    5 Heitormsf   (11 Oct 2012 5:15 PM)
    I have 500 crystals and I am rank first sergeant. My best weapons and hulls are hunter m2, smoky m3 and twins m2. What should i spend my crystals at?
    Answer: buy Twins M3 it rocks!

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    4 adnan   (20 Sep 2012 4:45 PM)
    planning to buy twins m3+viking m0 i hope it will be affective friends yahoo newrus
    Answer: it is! yes

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    3 BOB   (03 Jul 2012 8:12 PM)
    i <3 twins ;P

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    2 Easton pulver   (07 May 2012 4:02 AM)
    Any tips for using twins?
    Answer: swing your turret ;), avoid open spaces, position your tank so you shield yourself from several directions with buildings and structures.

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    1 TankiMan   (20 Apr 2012 4:27 AM)
    way too overpowered
    Answer: indeed smile

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